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19 Aug 2018 description

Current major event

HLIP I in EMR countries

From 2014 to 2017, seven countries in the Eastern Mediterranean Region of WHO benefited from the Pandemic Influenza Preparedness (PIP) Framework - Partnership Contribution (PC) to enhance their surveillance and laboratory capacities using the High-level Partnership Contribution Implementation Plan I (HLIP I) 2013-2016.

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19 Aug 2018 description


• Fighting is going on in Ad Durayhimi District, south of Al Hudaydah City, with a high number of casualties.
Families are trapped by shelling and airstrikes; ambulances are unable to enter the city.

• Over 50,800 households have been displaced from Al Hudaydah Governorate, of whom 50,100 (98 per cent) have received rapid response assistance including hygiene kits, transit kits and food rations.

17 Aug 2018 description

Lara Palmisano

Throughout 2017, the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) supported relief operations in 36 countries to ensure delivery of urgent aid to millions of people in desperate need.

CERF’s 2017 Annual Report, launched today, provides a detailed account of how, during the year, CERF and its partners ensured strategic use of almost $420 million in donor contributions to deliver the highest priority aid, where and when it was need the most.

17 Aug 2018 description
report Islamic Relief

Almost three million people living in some of the most remote and dangerous areas of the world will be receiving meat as part of Islamic Relief’s Qurbani distributions, during the Eid Festival.

The international humanitarian and development organisation is distributing quality Qurbani meat in 35 countries across the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe, during Eid al-Adha, which this year is celebrated between 21-23 August.

11 Aug 2018 description

Cluster Overview

3.1 million people have been reached with health assistance out of 12.3 million people targeted. Ten million people live in 100 districts prioritized for cholera response. The provision of health assistance continues to be challenged by the fact that only 50 per cent of health facilities are fully functional and the non-payments of salaries to health staff.

11 Aug 2018 description
report British Red Cross

“Here our job is human. I can’t leave it, I can’t stop.”

Dr Anisa, a doctor with British Red Cross partner the Yemen Red Crescent, speaks from a battered clinic in Sana’a, Yemen.

Once, she was a hospital specialist. The clinic was a thriving health centre for mothers and babies.

But now, Yemen is caught up in deadly conflict. Dr Anisa is now a GP working in one of the only clinics where people can get free healthcare. Patients travel for hours to see her every day.

Like many doctors in Yemen, she hasn’t been paid in two years.

10 Aug 2018 description


  • Airstrikes and insecurity result in civilian deaths, infrastructure damage, and service disruptions

  • Relief agencies provide humanitarian assistance to more than 283,000 Al Hudaydah IDPs

  • Health actors commence a cholera vaccination campaign targeting 578,000 people in Al Hudaydah and Ibb governorates


10 Aug 2018 description
report Save the Children

A country at war

Despite so much natural beauty in Yemen there are always reminders that this is a country at war – a war which has been so devastating to 22 million people. There are regular reminders of the conflict at different points in the journey and, while our minds are focused very much on Hodeidah and a potential impending ground attack, it is also with the millions of children directly and indirectly affected by the horrendous conflict across Yemen.

09 Aug 2018 description


• Violence in several governorates has killed tens of civilian, including children and women, and continues to displace thousands of other people.

• As of 05 August, 50,552 households have been displaced from Al Hudaydah and 47,400 households (93 per cent of caseload) have received assistance through the rapid response mechanism (RRM)

• More than 1.4 million people in need of assistance live in districts with high access constraints. Food and fuel imports declined by 18 and 20 per cent, respectively, in July

09 Aug 2018 description
report Voice of America

Lisa Schlein

GENEVA — More than one-quarter million people in Yemen have been immunized against cholera. But, the three-day oral cholera vaccination campaign, held by the World Health Organization and U.N. children's fund between August 4 and 6, has fallen short of its mark by half.

The World Health Organization reports more than 3,000 local health workers have reached 266,000 people above the age of one with oral cholera vaccine. This is about half of the one-half million people WHO and partners had hoped to immunize against this deadly disease.

08 Aug 2018 description

Current major event

Emergency risk communication in outbreaks

To provide WHO Member States, partners and stakeholders involved in emergency preparedness and response with the most up-to-date best practices on Emergency Risk Communication, this year WHO published “Communicating risk in public health emergencies - A WHO guideline for emergency risk communication (ERC) policy and practice”.

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08 Aug 2018 description

22.2 million People are in need of humanitarian assistance

2 million People are internally displaced

2.2 million People are aimed to be supported by IOM

Key Highlights

  • IOM initiated kitchens in four schools in Hudaydah where displaced people are currently residing. Through these kitchens and other facilities, over 20,400 hot meals have been served since the current crisis began.

08 Aug 2018 description

HODEIDAH, Yemen – Escalating violence in Hodeidah, Yemen, threatens the city’s estimated 90,000 pregnant women and girls, UNFPA has announced. Some 14,000 of these women and girls are likely to encounter pregnancy-related complications requiring emergency care, but access to health services has been severely limited by the ongoing crisis.

07 Aug 2018 description

IOM: USD 45 Million Needed for 2018-2020 Migrant Response in Horn of Africa, Yemen

Nairobi – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, and its partners launched, on 6 August, a Regional Migrant Response Plan (RMRP) for the Horn of Africa and Yemen through which they are appealing to the international community for USD 45 million. The plan details support to migrants on the move in the Horn of Africa and Yemen from 2018 to 2020.

06 Aug 2018 description
report UN News Service

Over a year after cholera broke out in Yemen, killing more than 2,000 people, the disease is back and spreading fast in the Houthi-held port city of Hudaydah; a target of continued air strikes by the Saudi-led coalition to regain control of the city.

05 Aug 2018 description


• The Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) Information Management and Communications mission was conducted to Sana’a.

• The ETC is recruiting a second IT assistant to be based in the UN Common Accommodation Facility (UNCAF) in Sana’a to cope with the increasing demand for the ETC Internet connectivity service and support.