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16 Jan 2018 description

*The reporting of health facility level IDSR data is currently being rolled out across Borno State. Whilst this is taking place, some LGAs are continuing to report only at the level of local government area (LGA). Therefore, completenss and timeliness of reporting is displayed at both levels in this bulletin.

*Alerts are based on 7 weekly reportable diseases in the national IDSR reporting format (IDSR 002) and 8 additional diseases/health events of public health importance in the IDP camps and IDP hosting areas.

11 Jan 2018 description


Historic Epidemiological reports show that the cholera outbreak season in Nigeria has two peak periods. The first peak period is seen during the rainy season when the sewage and drainage systems are overwhelmed due to heavy rains with an attendant contamination of sources of drinking water. The second peak period is seen during the dry season particularly in areas where wells and bodies of waters have dried up and people in the communities are made to travel far in search of water, albeit non-potable water.

11 Jan 2018 description


This week, we round up our series on laboratory and its role in surveillance and disease control by focusing on establishing laboratory support for public health surveillance.

It is important to note that at every level of laboratory service delivery, certain activities are important in strengthening and driving the activities of the laboratory in public health surveillance. Below is a summary of some important outbreak preparedness and response activities, where laboratory support is essential.

04 Jan 2018 description

Polio this week as of 03 January 2018

29 Dec 2017 description

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is partnering with institutions in seven countries to help document and disseminate knowledge from the polio programme

Reducing polio cases by 99.9% globally is an incredible feat, achieved through innovative strategies and years of trial and error.

27 Dec 2017 description


Response to disease outbreaks in recent past has highlighted evidence of weakness in integration between disease surveillance and laboratories. In this week’s editorial, we review the roles of the laboratory before and during an outbreak.

  1. Before an outbreak: The laboratory carries out two specific roles

• Early warning signals: This involves detecting pathogens that have the potential to spread. This will ensure early control measures are put in place.

21 Dec 2017 description

Polio this week as of 20 December 2017

  • New on polioeradication.org: In 2017, global progress and renewed commitment brought us closer than ever to a world without polio.

  • Germany announced additional critically needed funding for polio eradication in Pakistan.

  • Polio eradication remains a top priority for the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

20 Dec 2017 description
report Voice of America

December 20, 2017 1:37 PM
Moki Edwin Kindzeka

YAOUNDE, CAMEROON — Scientists warn a campaign to eradicate polio in central Africa is falling short because of upheaval in the Lake Chad Basin area, where the Boko Haram militant group remains active. On the positive side, on country – Gabon - has been declared polio-free.

18 Dec 2017 description

Global progress and renewed commitment brought us closer than ever to a world without polio

18 Dec 2017 description


17 Dec 2017 description

Date de l’évaluation : 18 Septembre 2017

Zone évaluée: le site de Madjakani est situé sur l’axe kiskra-Diamerom dans la souspréfecture de Liwa, préfecture de Foulli. Il se sépare du canton de kiskra à une distance d’environ 32km et à 38 Km de la ville de Bagasola.
Le site se localise sur la carte géographique de la Région du Lac à travers les coordonnées GPS suivantes : 13°58’39.47’’ de longitude et 13°53’36.64” de Latitude.

17 Dec 2017 description

Date: 18 Septembre 2017

Zone d’évaluation :situé à environ 46 km au Nord-Ouest de canton Kiskra et environ 15 km du site de Diamerom. Le site de Tinana est sous l’administration du Canton de Magui dans la sous-préfecture de Kaïgua-kindjiria, département de Foulli. Il se localise géographiquement par les coordonnées GPS qui suivent : 14°02’45.18’’ de longitude et 13°51’82.5’’ de latitude.

17 Dec 2017 description

Date : 13 Septembre 2017

Zone de l’évaluation : Situé sur l’axe de Kiskra- Diamerom, le site des déplacés de Torbo se situe à environ 50 km de Kiskra administré par le canton de Magui, dans la souspréfecture de Liwa, département de Foulli. Il se localise à travers les coordonnées géographiques suivants 14°03’13"14 de Longitude et 13°56’50"05 de Latitude.