Yemen: Dengue Outbreak - Jun 2015

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Starting in 2000, Yemen faced repeated outbreaks of severe dengue. In 2015, an upsurge was reported after over 1 million people had been internally displaced and health systems had been disrupted. More than 3,000 suspected cases and three deaths were recorded between 27 Mar and 4 Jun. (WHO, 12 Jun 2015)

Despite incomplete levels of reporting from Taiz, an extreme spike in cases of dengue fever has been recorded in the governorate in the past 2 weeks from 145 suspected cases at the start of August to 421 by 25 August 2015. With the ongoing insecurity and mass displacement of thousands of people, it is likely that the situation will deteriorate in the coming days, placing over 3.2 million people at additional risk. (WHO, 27 Aug 2015)

A total of 1243 cases of dengue fever have been recorded in Taiz since week 3. Over the last five weeks, cases of dengue fever in Taiz have reached 1178 cases. The highest number of cases were recorded in week 33 with 421 cases and week 36 with 484 cases. Until 31 August 2015, 6320 suspected dengue fevers cases were recorded in Yemen. (WHO, 13 Sep 2015)

In December, dengue fever cases continued to be reported. In the week 50 (7 -13 December 2015), a total of 432 suspected dengue cases were reported in 10 governorates; out of these 157 cases reported from Abyan, 56 cases from Shabwah and 14 cases from A-Mahra. (WHO, 22 Dec 2015)

During week 53 (28 Dec 2015-3 Jan 2016), 540 suspected dengue cases were reported in 10 governorates, out of these 107 cases reported from Abyan, 163 cases from Hadramout , 88 cases from Al-Hodidah and 64 cases from Shabwah, 1 cases with hemorrhagic manifestations were reported in Aden governorate. (WHO, 3 Jan 2016)

In January 2016, WHO and other USAID/OFDA partners continue to support governorates affected by the recent dengue fever—a mosquito-borne disease—outbreak, including through training health care workers, distributing rapid test kits and medicines, monitoring outbreaks, and implementing mosquito-control activities. (USAID, 28 Jan 2016)

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