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18 May 2016 description

Overview of Health facility based nutrition surveillance (Jan-Mar 2016)

FSNAU compiles and analyses health facility based nutrition surveillance data and field reports which are reported through the Nutrition Update. The current Nutrition Update covers data from health facilities and field reports for the period January to March 2016.

23 Mar 2016 description


  • Access to health services deteriorates

  • Emergency funds to ramp up response to drought

  • New cases of measles reported

  • CHF is now Somalia Humanitarian Fund


  • No. of people in humanitarian emergency and crisis 1m

  • No. of people in food security stress 3.7m

  • No. of acutely malnourished children under age 5 : 305,000
    Source: www.fsnau.org (July-December 2016 projection)

26 Feb 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • The 2016 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) for Somalia was launched on 19 January 2016 in Mogadishu. The HRP is seeking to reach 3.5 million people with urgent life-saving assistance by the end of 2016. In line with the HRP, UNICEF is requesting US$82 million to meet the humanitarian needs of children in 2016.

09 Feb 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund


• UNICEF and partners continue to respond to flooding and AWD/cholera outbreaks.

• The round five of the Polio National Immunization Day conducted in Central and Southern Somalia, as well as in Puntland. A measles campaign also took place in Somaliland during the reporting period.

Situation Overview and Humanitarian Needs

01 Feb 2016 description
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In 2015, acute humanitarian needs persisted in Somalia and require urgent attention to avert millions of vulnerable people from sliding back into crisis. An estimated 4.9 million people are in need of lifesaving and livelihoods support. In spite of the challenging operating environment, partners reached nearly 2.5 million people with urgent life-saving assistance. More than $605 million was received for humanitarian response in Somalia in 2015. This includes $374 million (43 per cent) of the $863 million requested for the 2015 HRP.

26 Jan 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund

Somalia Total affected population: 4.9 million
Total affected children (under 18): 2 million
Total people to be reached in 2016: 3.6 million
Total children to be reached in 2016: 1.5 million 2016 programme targets

•110,000 children under 5 years suffering from SAM admitted to therapeutic treatment programmes

•2.3 million people in high-risk areas accessed basic health services
•445,000 children under 1 year immunized against measles

26 Jan 2016 description

Burundi: As the security situation continues to deteriorate, the UN Security Council has expressed concern over possible mass atrocities and ethnic violence. Clashes continues in several areas of the country. Burundian refugees in DRC expressed fears over possible cross-border attacks by government forces.

19 Jan 2016 description

Nigeria: An outbreak of Lassa viral haemorrhagic fever was announced in Nigeria on 8 January. At least 140 suspected cases and 30 confirmed cases, including 53 deaths, have been reported in 14 states. The indicated case fatality rate stands at 37.9%.

Gambia: Almost 182,000 people (9% of the population) are severely food insecure after erratic rains caused drought and crop failure. Most affected regions are Upper River, West Coast, and Northern Bank.

14 Jan 2016 description
report UN Children's Fund


  • Flooding affects 132,000 people and displaces 60,000 - UNICEF and partners scale up response interventions. 2,055,618 children under-10 in Central and Northeast Somalia are vaccinated against measles during National Immunization Day campaigns. Additional campaigns planned for December. Somalia launches the inactivated polio vaccine.

  • Against an appeal of US$ 111,705,413 to meet the humanitarian needs of women and children in Somalia in 2015, as at 15 December UNICEF is 45 per cent funded.

12 Jan 2016 description

DRC: Violence between Hutu and Nande, in Miriki, Lubero, Nord-Kivu, allegedly over land, has left 17 dead and over 20,000 displaced. The displaced urgently need food and drinking water.

Iraq: In Ramadi and Hawija, Islamic State has stalled civilians’ attempts to escape conflict zones and persecution. People from Hawija must trek for two days across mountainous terrain to reach safety: 60 people were reported to have died on the journey between November 2015 and January 2016.

05 Jan 2016 description

Zimbabwe: A poor 2014/2015 harvest coupled with delayed onset of rains this cropping season have left 1.5 million people facing food insecurity from January through March 2016. Government maize stocks are dangerously low and humanitarian food assistance plans underfunded. Over 850,000 people urgently require assistance.

22 Dec 2015 description

Snapshot 16–22 December 2015

Cameroon: 2.9 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. 2.4 million are in need of protection assistance, predominantly in the Far North Region. The government has reportedly urged men to join self-defence groups in the northern areas affected by Boko Haram. The same reports suggest the government has made provisions in its 2016 budget to support the self-defence groups.

10 Dec 2015 description


The Crisis Overview 2015: Humanitarian Trends and Risks for 2016, outlines the countries considered to be in greatest humanitarian need as we approach the end of 2015.

08 Dec 2015 description

Snapshot 2-8 December 2015

Jordan: 11,400 Syrian asylum seekers are currently stranded at the border with Jordan, after a recent surge in violence has driven new displacement, doubling the number at the border since October. They face urgent humanitarian and protection needs. The Jordanian Government has increasingly restricted movement across the border since 2013.

01 Dec 2015 description

Snapshot 25 November–1 December 2015

  • Cameroon: New data indicate that 158,316 people are internally displaced – this is 65,000 more than the previous estimate. The vast majority have been displaced by Boko Haram-related violence, with fewer than 15% displaced by flooding and other natural disasters. Movement stays within Far North region, and Logone-et-Chari hosts around 60% of all IDPs.

25 Nov 2015 description


While the country has made modest gains, high levels of humanitarian needs persist. About 4.9 million people are in need of life-saving and livelihoods support and 1.1 million remain internally displaced.

24 Nov 2015 description

Somalia: Flooding has affected 132,000 people and displaced an estimated 60,000 as low-lying areas of Mogadishu have now been inundated, as well as areas of Middle Shabelle and Lower Juba. Main supply roads are impassable and some airstrips unusable The middle and lower reaches of the Shabelle River remain at high risk of flooding.

17 Nov 2015 description

Yemen: 14.4 million people are now food insecure: two million more than in June and four million more than before the escalation of conflict in March. 7.6 million people are severely food insecure. Heavy fighting continues, in particular in Al Dhalee and Taizz governorates. Peace talks between Houthi and government representatives, which were expected to begin mid-November, are yet to take place.