Benin: Cholera Outbreak - Oct 2013

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Since August 2013 a cholera epidemic has been on-going in Benin. The epidemic was declared in the Sô-Ava municipality in the department of the Atlantic in the south of Benin in September, and as of 2 Oct, a total of 129 confirmed cases were reported in the municipality. Since then, cases have been reported in 13 municipalities with a concentration n Cotonou (196 cases, 4 deaths), Sô-Ava (234 cases) and Acomey-Calawi (22 cases). As of 27 Jan 2014, the total of registered cases is 438 with 6 deaths. During December 2013 no new cases were reported, but since early January 2014, new cases have been reported in So-Ava. This is most likely related to the same outbreak, but increased surveillance and monitoring is necessary to guide the response. (IFRC, 30 Jan 2014)

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