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09 Jun 2014 description

Regional dengue activity is variable. The recent trend for dengue is increasing in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Malaysia and Singapore. Compared to 2013, Malaysia was the only country of these four where 2014 was substantially higher compared to the same period in 2013.

Dengue virus infection in the Pacific Region

22 Apr 2014 description

Regional dengue activity is variable. Malaysia continues to report a greater number of reported cases in 2014 compared to 2013, for the same time period. However, cases appear to be decreasing. Singapore has reported a similar number of cases in 2014 compared to 2013. Australia, Cambodia, Lao PDR, the Philippines and Viet Nam reported lower levels of dengue activity in 2014 compared to 2013.

03 Jul 2013 description

By Patrick Fuller, IFRC

Since February 2013, Randy Solomon has been fighting a lonely battle. Working with a small staff and a handful of volunteers, she has been given the job of combating the scourge of dengue fever in her hometown of Gizo, in the Western Province of the Solomon Islands. As the environmental health officer for Gizo she heads the ministry of health’s dengue task force, which is attempting to curb the epidemic that has been sweeping across the Solomon Islands in recent months.

30 May 2013 description
  • As of 24 May, nearly 5,569 cases of dengue have been reported (315 additional cases from last week).

  • Six cases have resulted in death. 86% of all cases reported were in Honiara.

27 May 2013 description
  1. Bangladesh - Tropical Storm Mahasen struck southern districts on 16 May. The Joint Needs assessment (JNA) identified unment needs in shelter, WASH and livelihoods in Patuakali, Bhola and Barguna. The govt and humanitarian partners have started responding and further assessments are being conducted. Source: PDC, OCHA

20 May 2013 description
  1. Bangladesh - Tropical Storm Mahasen struck southern districts on 16 May. The Joint Needs Assessment (JNA) is ongoing and preliminary findings are due to be presented tomorrow (21 May). 17 people have reportedly lost their lives, JNA results will provide a better understand of the impact of the cyclone on shelter and livelihoods.
    Source: PDC, OCHA Flash Update No. 7

15 May 2013 description
report Inter Press Service

HONIARA, Solomon Islands, May 15 2013 (IPS) - City and health authorities in the Solomon Islands, located in the southwest Pacific Ocean, are calling for effective and consistent urban waste management as they battle to control a serious outbreak of dengue fever, the world’s fastest spreading vector-borne viral disease, which was identified in the country in February.

13 May 2013 description
  1. Marshall Islands - The Government has issued an elevated state of disaster due to the severe drought in northern parts of the country, affecting between 3,200 and 5,000 people. Assessments are ongoing and an UNDAC team has arrived in country. WASH is the priority as there is a priority need for safe drinking water.
    Source: OCHA

10 May 2013 description

There's hope in Solomon Islands that the worst of the country's dengue outbreak is now over. .

The National Referral Hospital in Honiara says they've recorded a 50 per cent drop in dengue admissions since the outbreak started.

Although there's still concern about whether the hospital's blood bank has enough supplies to cope with such an outbreak.

So far the number of dengue-related deaths stands at six.

Presenter: Richard Ewart

Speaker: Alfred Dofai, director, National Medical Laboratory, Solomon Islands

05 May 2013 description
  1. Marshall Islands - The Government has welcomed international assistance in response to a drought situation which is affecting up to 3,700 people living in the islands north of Majuro. An UNDAC team is being deployed, as have international assessment teams and OCHA staff.
    Source: OCHA

  2. China - Heavy flooding in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region have killed 6, displaced 17,000 and affected more than 420,000.
    Source: GLIDE, Media

03 May 2013 description

AusAID Director General Peter Baxter visited Solomon Islands’ National Referral Hospital this week to meet the Australian medical team assisting local health authorities to combat a major outbreak of dengue fever.

Health officials estimate there have been more than 3,700 cases of suspected dengue since late January, putting significant strain on the country’s health resources.

23 Apr 2013 description

The dengue outbreak in the Solomon Islands continues to spread, and health authorities are struggling to find sufficient money to help combat the epidemic.

A fourth death has now been reported, along with a sharp increase in cases of the mosquito-borne disease.

Presenter:Geraldine Cootes

Speaker: Dr Lester Ross, Permanent Secretary for the Solomon Islands Ministry of Health

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17 Apr 2013 description

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Liam Fox, PNG correspondent and wires

Solomon Islands National Referral Hospital is struggling to deal with the numbers of women giving birth in Honiara.

The closure of the maternity ward and women choosing to leave the provinces for Honiara has put pressure on facilities in the capital.

There was a 20 per cent increase in births in March, compared with the previous month.

15 Apr 2013 description

15 Apr 2013 - Since January 2013, approximately 1,970 suspected and confirmed dengue cases and three deaths have been reported. More than 1,800 of the cases were reported in Honiara. The others are in Gizo in Western Province and in Guadalcanal Province.

Link: Dengue Fever Outbreak: Information Bulletin n° 1

15 Apr 2013 description

It's been more than four months since the first outbreak of dengue fever was reported in Solomon Islands.

Solomons dengue outbreak blamed on unusual virus strain (Credit: ABC)

Since then, the virus has continued to spread, and as of last week, there were more than 2,500 suspected cases.

15 Apr 2013 description

Posted 15 April 2013, 7:23 AEST

A team of health specialists from Australia and Fiji has arrived in Solomon Islands to tackle an outbreak of dengue fever.

Since the first case was reported four months ago, the virus has continued to spread quickly.

Three people have died and there are at least 2,500 suspected cases of dengue fever, mostly in the capital Honiara.

However Dr Yvan Souarès, who manages the Health Protection program at the Secretariat of the Pacific Community, says the virus could easily spread to other regions.

09 Apr 2013 description

Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully today announced New Zealand will send medical staff to the Solomon Islands following an outbreak of dengue fever.

“The outbreak has put considerable strain on the health system – depleting resources and overwhelming staff,” Mr McCully says.

There are almost 1700 suspected cases of dengue fever - 1200 of those in Honiara - and three reported deaths.

“New Zealand will send a doctor and a nurse to support the Solomon Islands Government response to the outbreak,” Mr McCully says.