Sudan: Yellow Fever Outbreak - Oct 2012

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On 29 October 2012, Sudan’s Federal Ministry of Health (FMoH) notified WHO of a possible yellow fever outbreak in 17 localities in Central and South Darfur (WHO, 10 Jan 2013). During that time, a total of 98 suspected cases were reported, including 42 deaths.

New cases continued to emerge with cases being reported across Darfur States, and by 9 January 2013 the yellow fever cases reached 849 cases, including 171 deaths across 35 of the 64 localities in Darfur. Three phases of immunization commenced in 16 localities in Darfur and reached total of 4,368,000 populations, a coverage of about 91 per cent. (IFRC, 31 May 2013)

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