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20 Oct 2009 description

Executive summary

Despite the end of the decades long conflict in Sri Lanka, weak economic growth and inequalities throughout those years combined with risks of flooding in some areas, and droughts in others threaten a significant number of vulnerable communities throughout Sri Lanka. Exposure to tropical storms during the first quarter of every year and during the monsoon season, as well as heavy rainfall from the Bay of Bengal, contribute to the risk of landslides, overflowing riverbanks and occasional tidal surges.

20 Oct 2009 description

Executive summary

In the context of Asia Pacific Zone, its demographic, socio-economic and environmental trends, and the International Federation's strategic priorities, South Asia remains one of the most disadvantaged regions in the world and is vulnerable to health and disaster-related risks due to poor socio-economic conditions. The region has some of the highest levels of poverty, being home to about half of the world's poor (1).

20 Oct 2009 description

Executive summary

The Asia Pacific region is home to more than half of the world's population, the majority of whom are poor and among the most disadvantaged in the world. Some 600 million women, men and children in the region live below the USD 1 a day poverty line, while 1.8 billion survive on less than USD 2 a day. Compounding the situation, the region is also highly disaster-prone. The diversity, scale and frequency of natural disasters across the region are daunting.

09 Oct 2009 description

I. Situation Overview & highlights

- Sri Lanka called upon the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to retract her remarks that rape was used as a weapon of war during the 26-year armed conflict.

24 Aug 2009 description

With torrential rains having set in the North and some parts of the East, the Health Ministry has begun an awareness program to educate the masses in those areas of the spread of dengue fever.

Local authorities have been alerted on the possibility of dengue mosquito breeding places and the need to collect garbage.

Dengue fever worst hit the South of the country claiming 235 lives and infecting over 23,000 persons treated in state hospitals.

The ministry carried out many awareness programs to educate the people on the danger of the epidemic.

The ministry also brought in …