Senegal: Cholera Outbreak - Apr 2005

Disaster description

In February 2005, a cholera epidemic was declared in Touba, central Senegal. Over 2,000 cholera cases and eight deaths were reported. The number of new cases soared as more people gathered in Touba for the pilgrimage of "Grand Magal de Touba". By April, the cholera epidemic had spread nationwide. Between 28 Mar and 3 Apr, nearly 3,400 new cases and 54 deaths were recorded in different health districts. (IFRC, 22 Mar 2007) After a two-month lull, the number of cases rose sharply in June, with 1,790 new cases and 31 deaths countrywide between 6- 22 Jun (IRIN, 23 Jun 2005). Following severe flooding in September, the number of cases rose again, with 1,031 cases from 5-11 Sep and 1,110 from 12-18 Sep, bringing to the total to 23,325 cases and 321 deaths (IRIN, 19 Sep 2005).

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