Senegal: Cholera Outbreak - Oct 2004

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A cholera outbreak appeared in Senegal on 26 Oct 2004, the first in eight years. Early warning systems were triggered when eight cases were reported in the suburbs around Dakar by health district officials. Cases were rapidly increasing and reached a total of 95 due to low access to safe water and sanitation in the affected districts. (IFRC, 27 Oct 2004)

As of 10 November 2004, WHO has received reports from the Ministry of Health of a total number of 861 cases and 6 deaths in Dakar. In Dakar the incidence of the disease appears to be decreasing. In addition to implementing control measures, including health education, case management and surveillance and monitoring in the affected areas, the National Outbreak Management Committee has undertaken social mobilization activities and decontamination of unsanitary areas. (WHO, 12 Nov 2004)

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