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08 Aug 2018 description

Funding Required: $25.41B

Funding Received: $9.39B

Unmet Requirements: $16.02B

Coverage: 37.0%

People in need: 134.0M

People to receive aid: 95.8M

Countries affected: 41

10 Jul 2018 description

Funding required: $25.39 B

Funding received: $8.71 B

Unmet requirements: 16.68 B

Coverage: 34.3%

People in need: 134.0 M

People to receive aid: 96.2 M

Countries affected: 40

02 Jul 2018 description


In Badghis Province, ongoing drought has reportedly displaced nearly 4,000 people to the provincial centre Qala-e-Naw. Humanitarian assessments of these latest arrivals have commenced. The additional displacement of between 70 and 100 people due to drought has also been reported within contested areas of Ghorak district, Helmand Province.

25 Jun 2018 description


1,600 new displacements have been reported in Afghanistan due to conflict in the past week.
Displacements this year have been reported in 33 out of 34 provinces in the country, with the highest numbers in Faryab (22,250 people) and Kunduz (19,800 people.)

1,600 newly displaced