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24 May 2019 description
report Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief has launched an urgent humanitarian appeal to help people pushed to the brink by a protracted drought in Somalia.

Some 4.5 million people in the most severely affected areas now need critical lifesaving aid.

Seasonal Gu rains haven’t produced the rainfall the country hoped for, and now crops have failed and livestock is in decline. It is the second consecutive below average rainy season.

Vulnerable communities that were already struggling in the aftermath of the prolonged drought of 2016-17 are now being pushed to the brink in this latest disaster.

24 May 2019 description


Sharply deteriorating food security situation due to prolonged drought conditions

About 2.2 million people estimated to be severely food insecure between July and September 2019, 40 percent up from early 2019

“Gu” cereal production forecast at 40-50 percent below average due to drought conditions in main cropping areas

Severe pasture and water shortages in agro-pastoral and pastoral areas affecting livestock conditions

Access to food increasingly constrained for vulnerable households

23 May 2019 description

Nigeria and the western Gulf of Guinea region continue to receive limited rainfall

  1. Continued belowaverage rainfall and high temperatures have strengthened dryness in South Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Somalia, and Tanzania.

  2. Below-normal rainfall since April has led to significant early-season deficits and abnormal dryness.

  3. Heavy rainfall along the coast of Tanzania has caused flash flooding in Dar es Salaam. Heavy rainfall is forecast to continue next week.

23 May 2019 description

Mr. President,

UNSOM began the new year facing a security crisis as a result of the mortar attack on the UN compound on 1 January, and a political crisis as a result of the expulsion of SRSG Nicholas Haysom on the same day.

The two incidents severely disrupted mandate implementation of the Mission’s engagement with the Federal Government of Somalia and mandate implementation. They also elevated the security risk level for UN personnel and left our staff deeply demoralized.

23 May 2019 description
report Save the Children

GAROWE, PUNTLAND 23 May 2019: Just one in four children in Puntland, Somalia, has access to sufficient food, a new assessment by Save the Children reveals todayi. These children are far more likely to succumb to the impact of yet another drought which is expected to devastate the region in the coming months.

23 May 2019 description


Typically, Gu (March/April-June) season rainfall starts in April in most parts of Somalia and in late March in the northwest and extreme southern parts of the country.
Delayed start, poor spatial and temporal distribution characterized the current Gu season rainfall during the month of April 2019.

22 May 2019 description

New York, 22 May 2019

As delivered

Thank you, Mr. President.

I appreciate this opportunity to brief the Security Council today on the humanitarian situation in Somalia.

Mr. President, distinguished Council members,

22 May 2019 description

This bulletin provides a summary of the progress of observed rainfall for the current Gu season in Somalia

22 May 2019 description

Food security expected to deteriorate across greater Horn through September

Key Messages

22 May 2019 description

Urgent scale-up required to address likely large-scale emergency assistance needs across the Horn of Africa

In April, FEWS NET released an alert detailing the poor progress of the March to June 2019 Gu/long rains season in East Africa and expected deterioration in food security conditions across the region.

21 May 2019 description


SO1: Contribute to the protection of newly displaced people, IDPs / refugee returns / host community and those affected by natural hazards. (NFIs, ESKs)

SO2: Improve the living conditions and contribute to local reintegration of the protracted internally displaced persons (IDPs) and refugees returning back to their place of origin (Transitional shelters, Permanent shelters, NFIs)

SO3: Improve the quality of shelter assistance and ensure accountability through effective mechanisms (AAP, M&E)

20 May 2019 description

"We have an opportunity to prevent a catastrophe in Somalia before it happens, but that window is closing soon. The drought crisis is likely to get worse before it gets better, and thousands of lives are at stake. We strongly urge the international community and donors to step up emergency aid for the drought, before it's too late," said Victor Moses, Country Director for the Norwegian Refugee Council in Somalia.

20 May 2019 description

832,989 movements were tracked through IOM’s Displacement Tracking Matrix (DTM) in East and the Horn of Africa (EHoA) in 2018. Thirty-eight per cent of the movements were tracked along the Eastern Route, fifty-two per cent along the Horn of Africa Route, four per cent along the Northern Route and six per cent along the Southern Route. Thirty per cent intended to travel to Somalia, thirty per cent were migrating towards KSA, fifteen per cent were headed to Ethiopia, eight per cent to Yemen and seven per cent to Djibouti.

20 May 2019 description

Mogadishu, 20 May 2019 — As Somalia faces another severe drought, aid agencies today launched a Drought Response Plan and called for urgent and sustained resources to avert a major crisis. The plan seeks $710 million to provide critical, life-saving assistance to 4.5 million drought-affected Somalis in the most severely affected areas between now and the end of December.

20 May 2019 description


Two years after the prolonged 2016/2017 drought destroyed livelihoods and displaced almost one million Somalis - but also triggered a massive and successful scale up in humanitarian response to avert famine - severe climatic conditions, combined with other persistent drivers of humanitarian crisis, armed conflict, protracted and continued displacement and a spike in evictions of internally displaced persons are again pushing Somalia towards a major humanitarian emergency.

19 May 2019 description

Mogadishu, May 19th, 2019 At least 1.7 million people in Somalia face acute food shortages due to delayed and insufficient seasonal rainfall, humanitarian aid agencies have warned, calling for urgent humanitarian support to save the lives of hundreds of thousands of families at risk.

18 May 2019 description

Late April and early May rainfall unlikely to ease on-going severe drought in Eastern Horn


• Below-average rainfall performance, abnormally high land surface temperatures, and poor vegetation conditions continued in April over much of the equatorial sector of East Africa. Drought conditions persist despite an increase in rainfall in late April and early May, which was driven in part by the presence of tropical cyclone Kenneth.

17 May 2019 description


Disasters have triggered around 265 million displacements since IDMC began collecting data on the phenomenon in 2008, more than three times the figure for conflict and violence. Given the scale of the issue, the need to address the risk of displacement associated with disasters has been explicitly recognised in global policy agendas on disaster risk reduction and climate change.