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18 Oct 2018 description

In Somalia, primary school enrollment ratio is among world’s lowest. A stunning 70 per cent school-age children are out of school. That is 3 million of 4.4 million children. The numbers are grimmer in rural areas or IDPs settlements, where only 17 per cent of children are enrolled in primary schools. According to the Somalia Education cluster, education gaps and needs are largely a consequence of lack of adequate learning facilities, teachers, basic emergency teaching and learning materials, but also insecurity, lack of food and water and limited sanitation facilities.

18 Oct 2018 description
report World Bank

On October 13, during the World Bank-IMF Annual Meetings in Bali, Indonesia, World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim and United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres opened a high-level panel discussion highlighting the Famine Action Mechanism, a new global mechanism dedicated to preventing future famines.

According to Guterres, while efforts to reduce overall poverty are working, the risk of famine continues to threaten more people.

18 Oct 2018 description

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Good afternoon everybody. I am really thrilled to be here.
Let me start by saying a very happy 50th birthday Concern Worldwide and congratulations.
Thank you, it is a pleasure to be here with you today to celebrate Concern Worldwide’s 50th anniversary.

And it does bear repeating, as Ciarán (Ciarán Cannon, Ireland’s Minister for the Diaspora and International Development) said, you started as a result of the famine in Biafra in 1968.

18 Oct 2018 description


SoSh (Somali shilling)-using areas: Compared to one month ago, consumer Price Index (CPI) remained relatively stable in September 2018. CPI declined (by 1-16%) annually due to decreases in cereal prices.

SISh (Somaliland shilling)-using areas: The CPI declined mildly (3-4%) compared to both last month and a year ago.

18 Oct 2018 description

Thus far, 2018 has been historic in many ways. Eritrea and Ethiopia signed a landmark declaration of peace and friendship on 9 July, casting aside decades of hostility in a matter of weeks. The announcement of the end to the state of war was met by widespread jubilation in both countries, and was matched by concrete acts of rapprochement, which included reopening telephone and air links as well as the Eritrean embassy in Ethiopia.

17 Oct 2018 description


SO1: Contribute to the protection of newly displaced people and those affected by natural hazards. (NFIs, ESKs)

SO2: Improve the living conditions of the protracted internally displaced persons (Transitional shelters, NFIs)

SO3: Facilitate access to durable solutions for IDPs that are willing to locally integrate or return (Permanent shelters)


16 Oct 2018 description

Action Against Hunger, This Bar Saves Lives, and The UK Department for International Development Announce Cross-sector Collaboration; Open to New Partners on World Food Day

13 Oct 2018 description


• Over the reporting period, a lower number of total 77 entries recorded compared to last week. No exits recorded this week.

• Majority of the new arrivals said that their reason for displacement into the IDP sites was due to Insecurity (65%). In addition, 17% cited shortage of food, and few other reasons for displacement.

13 Oct 2018 description


  • 24 entries and zero exits recorded in Dolow IDPs camps. The number of entries decreased slightly compared to the previous week.

  • Majority of the new arrivals cited food as their reason for displacement (60%). The rest cited insecurity (40%).

  • All of the new arrivals came from Ethiopia as there were some tribal conflict between the Oromo and Somali community in the last two months.

13 Oct 2018 description


• 317 entries and 11 exits reported across all the checkpoints this week. The trend shows a slight decrease on entries compared to last week. Few exits recorded this week, the lowest since March 2018. The small number of exits and high number of entries may be because of the end of harvest season where people are returning to the camps and few people are leaving.

• Reasons for displacement into the IDP sites: insecurity (75%), joining the rest of the family (16%) to seek better services (5%), to seek livelihood opportunities (4%)

13 Oct 2018 description
report UN General Assembly


Assemblée générale Deuxième Commission
Soixante-treizième session, 10e et 11e séances – matin & après-midi

12 Oct 2018 description
report UN General Assembly



Destructive impacts of climate change like droughts, floods and increasingly severe storms are the primary culprits behind decreased farming output and rising hunger worldwide, speakers told the Second Committee (Economic and Financial), as it took up agriculture, food security and nutrition today.

12 Oct 2018 description
report IRIN

Can big money and big data make famine a thing of the past?

Geneva, 12 October 2018 | In the runup to a 2011 famine in Somalia that killed over 250,000 people, there were 78 warnings. Last year famine nearly happened again, not only in Somalia but in Yemen, South Sudan, and West Africa’s Lake Chad region. Now, a multi-billion dollar venture is betting that big data and smart money can make famine a thing of the past.

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12 Oct 2018 description

11 October 2018, Puntland. A new 5,000 cubic metre earth dam near Yombays Village in the Nugaal area of Puntland, Northern Somalia, will bring clean, safe water to over 5,000 people in the area, of which over 4,000 people are from nomadic pastoralist communities. The dam was built by the Puntland Ministry of Environment and Climate Change in collaboration with Yombays Village, with the support of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and with funding from Global Environment Facility.

11 Oct 2018 description

Severe outcomes likely to persist in several countries despite anticipated regional improvement

Key Messages:

10 Oct 2018 description

The Deyr rainfall season (September-December) has begun in parts of the country.1 Projections indicate normal to above-average rains. Prospects for further improvements in food security are high, although humanitarian needs, particularly among the internally displaced people (IDPs) and rural population, remain significant. Increased risk of flooding in some areas due to seasonal rains may impede the ability of the most vulnerable people to recover. The Somalia Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP) remains critically underfunded.