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01 Aug 2013 description

In 2011, AAR Japan started operation in Kenya, for supporting people suffering from the huge drought in East Africa. Since February 2012, we have repaired the water supply facilities and built new wells in local villages located as far as an eight-hour drive to the east of Nairobi, the capital in Kenya.

Taking action in areas that are left out from support

29 Nov 2011 description

AAR JAPAN has been carrying out relief operations in areas of Kenya affected by the ongoing drought. On November 2nd, we distributed relief supplies to 500 households in the Yahasley settlement in Garissa, northeastern Kenya. Each relief package contained food such as rice, spaghetti and beans, as well as daily necessities such as a bucket, soap and a plastic sheet. Since neither the Kenyan government nor any other aid organization has as yet been able to reach this village to provide relief, our support was truly appreciated.

19 Aug 2011 description

AAR JAPAN has been carrying out relief operations in the area affected by the severe drought in East Africa. On August 15th, we initiated our operations with the distribution of food to 520 households in Garissa, eastern Kenya, and have been conducting a survey on the effect of the drought in each region. The stories of the local people illustrate the severity of the drought.

Water, Food, Doctors Needed

17 Aug 2011 description

Assessment of Distribution of Relief Supplies in Garissa, Kenya

Arriving in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, on August 5th, the Association for Aid and Relief Japan (AAR JAPAN) emergency relief team began relief operations for people affected by the drought and subsequent food crisis in the East Africa region. The team has been collecting information in order to plan the location and schedule for carrying out relief operations, and met with an official from the government Crisis Response Center in Nairobi. The team was joined by Yoshifumi KAWABATA on August 8th.

29 Jul 2011 description

In response to the drought and subsequent food crisis in Eastern Africa, Association for Aid and Relief, Japan (AAR JAPAN) will begin emergency relief operations based out of its Nairobi office in Kenya. The drought in the area is considered as the worst Eastern Africa has seen over the last 60 years, as 11 million people are said to be in dire need of assistance.