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09 Nov 2011 description


  • Famine conditions persist in southern Somalia where 3 million people face food insecurity and require emergency life saving and livelihood support at scale. Some 750 000 lives remain at risk and conditions are not likely to improve through December 2011 without large scale multi-sectoral humanitarian assistance. With the secondary harvest due in January, predicted to be below average, the scale of the crisis is likely to last well into 2012.

07 Nov 2011 description


  • Following a poor karma/karan rainy season (July to September), inland pastoral areas entered the long dry period

  • Better rangeland conditions expected in coastal areas as heys/dada rains (October to March) perform well

  • Food security likely to deteriorate for pastoralists and poor urban households until March next year

03 Nov 2011 description


  • Low production estimates for 2011 long-rains cereal output in marginal agricultural areas and coastal lowlands

  • Food insecurity likely to improve in northern agro-pastoralist areas and in marginal cropping lowlands in coming months following favourable rains

  • Sharp decline in maize prices from last July’s record levels improving food access for poor households

Aggregate maize production decline in 2011 compared to last year