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25 Nov 2002 description
report UN General Assembly

Texts Indicate Strategy of Encouraging Transition from Relief to Development, Self-Help in Humanitarian Assistance Programmes
Fifty-seventh General Assembly
58th and 59th Meetings (AM & PM)

The General Assembly this afternoon adopted without a vote five resolutions relating to continued economic, humanitarian and other assistance to Kazakhstan, Angola, Tajikistan, Mozambique and Timor-Leste. The action came after a day-long debate, during two meetings.

30 Jul 2002 description

Launched on 21 August 2001 for CHF 6,795,218 for 9 months. Programme has been extended for 4 months, and will now end on 30 September, 2002.
Disaster relief Emergency Fund (DREF) allocated: CHF 150,000

Beneficiaries: 130,000

Period covered: 25 April 2002 to 15 June 2002; last Ops Update (no. 03 issued 25 April, 2002; Next Ops Update (no. 6) expected : September 2002

"At a Glance"

Appeal coverage: 130.4%

Related Appeals: 01.52/2002, Central Asia 2002 Annual Appeal

Outstanding needs: None

20 Jun 2002 description

Appeal Target: CHF 8,903,148 (USD 5.6m I EUR 6.1m)
Period covered: 1 January - 15 May 2002
"At a Glance"

Appeal coverage: 24.5%

Related Appeals: Europe Central Asia programmes (01.52/2002)

Outstanding needs: CHF 7,417,559 (USD 4.6m I EUR5.1 m)

Update: The Red Crescent Society of Tajikistan (RCST), with Federation assistance, continues to support vulnerable people. The national society is steadily building its capacity to work with those in need. Further donor support is required to maintain this progress.

Operational Developments

05 Jun 2002 description
report UN Children's Fund

The United Nations Children's Fund today issued a series of updates on emergency donor appeals. The reports detail the humanitarian conditions of countries in crisis for which appeals were launched in the beginning of 2002. Without an immediate infusion of donor aid, UNICEF's capacity to assist children and their mothers will be hindered, several reports reveal. Thier lives are threatened by disease, conflict, hunger and poverty.

29 May 2002 description
report UN Children's Fund


21 May 2002 description
report World Bank

WASHINGTON, May 21, 2002 - The following project was approved today by the World Bank's Board.
CREDIT AMOUNT: US$13.80 million
TERMS: Grace period = 10 years; Maturity = 40 years

14 May 2002 description

Economic and Social Council
Substantive session of 2002
New York, 1 - 25 July 2002
Item 5 of the provisional agenda
Special economic, humanitarian and disaster relief assistance

General Assembly
Fifty-seventh SessionItem 21 (a) of the preliminary list
Strengthening of the coordination of humanitarian and disaster relief assistance of the United Nations, including special economic assistance: strengthening of the coordination of emergency humanitarian assistance of the United Nations

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02 May 2002 description

This Final Report is intended for reporting on emergency appeals
Launched on: 19 September 2000 for 8 months for CHF 22.6 million.
Appeal extended for 4 months, ending 30 September 2001.
Beneficiaries: 250,000
Operations Update No. 8 (Final Report);
Period covered: 19 September 2000 - 30 September 2001; last Opserations Update (no. 7) issued 16 July 2001

"At a glance"

Appeal coverage: 43.5%