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23 Dec 2002 description

In Dushanbe on 20 December, Deputy Agriculture Minister Siroge Murudov told journalists the country faces possible famine this winter despite an improved grain harvest over last year, AFP reported. Tajikistan produced 700,000 tons of grain in 2002, 50 percent more than 2001 when the country was struck by drought. But it will require 1 million more tons to stave off starvation this winter, according to Murudov.

19 Dec 2002 description

ISLAMABAD, 19 December (IRIN) - Under a wide range of bilateral and multilateral regional projects for humanitarian assistance, developmental aid and trade cooperation, the European Union (EU) has stepped up its assistance to Tajikistan following the second joint committee meeting in the Tajik capital, Dushanbe last week.

25 Nov 2002 description
report UN General Assembly

Texts Indicate Strategy of Encouraging Transition from Relief to Development, Self-Help in Humanitarian Assistance Programmes
Fifty-seventh General Assembly
58th and 59th Meetings (AM & PM)

The General Assembly this afternoon adopted without a vote five resolutions relating to continued economic, humanitarian and other assistance to Kazakhstan, Angola, Tajikistan, Mozambique and Timor-Leste. The action came after a day-long debate, during two meetings.

19 Nov 2002 description

DUSHANBE, 19 November (IRIN) - As Tajikistan's Minister of Emergency Situations and Civil Defence, Mirzo Ziyoev remains alert to the challenges of earthquakes, recurrent floods and landslides - the most common emergencies in the mountainous Central Asian republic.

22 Oct 2002 description
report Euronaid

1. Justification of aid for food security
1.1 Situation of Food Security

17 Oct 2002 description

What we now know as the sovereign territories of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan were created by Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin in the 1920s to divide and conquer the Central Asian peoples. The artificial boundaries separated communities, created ethnic enclaves, and disrupted patterns of trade and movement. With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, these unnatural dividing lines became international borders.

01 Oct 2002 description

Youngsters in remote areas of Tajikistan are suffering as the regional relief effort focuses on Afghanistan.

20 Aug 2002 description


The Country Profile below contains the Country Profile, Overview of USAID's Focus in Tajikistan, and USAID/Tajikistan Contact Information.

Country Profile

Area: 143,100 sq km

Capital: Dushanbe

Population: 6,578,681

Population Growth Rate: 2.12% (2001 est)

Ethnic groups: Tajik 64.9%, Uzbek 25%, Russian 3.5% (declining because of emigration), other 6.6%

Life Expectancy: male 61.09 yrs; female 67.42

Birth Rate: 33.23 births/1,000 population

Infant Mortality: 116.09 deaths/1,000 live births

Per Capita Income: $286 (IMF World Economic Outlook; 2002 …

06 Aug 2002 description

This report by Penny Harrison

30 Jul 2002 description

The government is taking steps to stop its population growing out of control and straining its meagre resources.
By Natalia Davlatova in Dushanbe (RCA No. 133, 30-July-02)

Dushanbe is wrestling with a population explosion that threatens to devastate the already impoverished country.

30 Jul 2002 description

Launched on 21 August 2001 for CHF 6,795,218 for 9 months. Programme has been extended for 4 months, and will now end on 30 September, 2002.
Disaster relief Emergency Fund (DREF) allocated: CHF 150,000

Beneficiaries: 130,000

Period covered: 25 April 2002 to 15 June 2002; last Ops Update (no. 03 issued 25 April, 2002; Next Ops Update (no. 6) expected : September 2002

"At a Glance"

Appeal coverage: 130.4%

Related Appeals: 01.52/2002, Central Asia 2002 Annual Appeal

Outstanding needs: None

03 Jul 2002 description