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31 Aug 2004 description


Kenya - Drought emergency declared in 26 districts -The president of Kenya declared the current drought a "national disaster" and appealed for relief food assistance. Early cessation of rains in May has led to the wilting of crops and insufficient replenishment of pastures. Twenty-six of the 71 districts of Kenya are affected and 1.8 million people are considered in need of food aid.

20 May 2003 description

ISLAMABAD, 20 May (IRIN) - An emergency relief fund for flooding is to be established in Pakistan, the government announced on Tuesday, following warnings of severe water incursion this year. "We have been suffering from a drought but now it's over and the meteorological office is warning of flooding this year so we need to be prepared," Public relations officer for Pakistan's Ministry of Water and Power, Abdul Akbar told IRIN in the capital, Islamabad.

23 Jan 2003 description

ISLAMABAD, 23 January (IRIN) - Aid workers have welcomed Prime Minister Zafarullah Khan Jamali's announcement on Wednesday of a US $33-million relief package for the five-year-long drought in Pakistan's southwestern province of Balochistan, but say much more is needed.

13 Jan 2003 description

HUB, Jan 13: The provincial government has allocated Rs 40 million for the drought-affected areas of Balochistan. Sources told Dawn on Saturday that the amount, expected to be raised during the second phase, would be spent for the provision of food, water, medicines and other basic amenities in the drought-hit areas.

They said that at least six districts of the province including Khuzdar, Awaran, Lasbela, Chaghai were hit by severe drought and the areas of Aranji and Saroona of Khuzdar district were the most affected.

Lasbela district Nazim Jam Kamal Khan told this reporter that …

11 Jan 2003 description

QUETTA, Jan 11: Revenue Minister Asim Kurd confirming the death of more than 20 people during the past two months in Aranji, Khuzdar district, owing to drought has said that the government has launched a relief operation in the area.

Flanked by the provincial relief commissioner and senior member of the Board of Revenue, Mohammed Sharif, the minister speaking to reporters at a press conference on Saturday said that the people died due to lack of medical facilities, shortage of potable water and basic needs.

The people in Aranji were suffering from various diseases mainly due to …

08 Jan 2003 description
report Islamic Relief

Assessment Team
Wajahat Anwar, Senior Programme Coordinator, Islamic Relief
Muhammad Idrees Khan, Programme Coordinator, Oxfam GB

12 Jun 2002 description

This Final Report is intended for reporting on emergency appeals.
The Federation's mission is to improve the lives of vulnerable people by mobilizing the power of humanity. It is the world's largest humanitarian organization and its millions of volunteers are active in 178 countries. For more information: www.ifrc.org

Launched on: 6 July 2000 for 6 months for CHF 5,603,930 to assist 80,000 beneficiaries.
Period covered: 6 July 2000- April 2002.


Appeal coverage: 29.3%

30 Jan 2002 description
report Islamic Relief

1 Present Situation
22 years of war, which destroyed the country’s infrastructure, claiming many lives, an ongoing civil conflict and a fourth year of drought have all conspired to threaten millions with famine. There are over 1 million internally displaced people within Afghanistan, 2 million refugees in Pakistan and 1.5 million in Iran. The UN has declared Afghanistan as ‘suffering from the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.’

29 Jan 2002 description

ISLAMABAD, 29 January (IRIN) - Pakistani farmer Ehsan Ahmed floods his entire field before sowing a crop, just as his father and grandfather did, believing that this kind of age-old irrigation method will produce a better crop.

26 Jul 2001 description

By Tahir Ikram

ISLAMABAD, July 26 (Reuters) - Pakistani officials said on Thursday the torrential downpours this week that caused flash floods and killed some 200 people had ended a drought but caused millions of dollars worth of damage.

Weather officials said the outlook for the rest of the monsoon season that ends in September was for above-average rain, including showers over parts of Baluchistan province, the Makran coast, upper Punjab and lower Sindh province.

Water officials said river levels had risen though there were currently no floods.

"The drought is ending, we …

14 Jun 2001 description

Strengthening of the coordination of emergency humanitarian assistance of the United Nations

08 Jun 2001 description

Resident Coordinator of the United Nations System's Operational Activities for Development in Pakistan

30 May 2001 description

ISLAMABAD, 30 May (IRIN) - Eighty people have died in the first five months of this year in central and northwestern Pakistan as a result of dehydration due to the ongoing drought and a severe heatwave. Temperatures in May reached 50 degrees Celsius in the worst-affected area of the central Sindh Province, according to a drought report released on Tuesday by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA).

14 May 2001 description

ISLAMABAD, May 14 (IRIN) - The immediate water shortage crisis in Pakistan is severe, and experts maintain that the long-term forecast is even bleaker. Meteorologists, who blame the prolonged drought on the La Nina weather phenomenon, warn that the country has entered a dry cycle and can expect drought-like conditions to return every six years. Experts predict that with prevailing consumption rates and a population growth of 4 million people a year, one out of three people in Pakistan will face critical shortages of water, "threatening their very survival".

10 May 2001 description

ISLAMABAD, May 10 (IRIN) - In addition to causing severe water shortages throughout Pakistan, the prolonged drought has led to a slump in hydroelectric power production, resulting in a 10 percent increase in consumer electricity bills nationwide, the World Bank maintains. An energy specialist with the World Bank, Rashid Aziz, told IRIN that the water shortage had "put a strain on the balance of payments". Hydroelectric power output had dropped by 35 percent in two years as a result of the water shortage, he said.