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14 Jun 2000 description

FAO's June Food Outlook report signals a one percent increase in cereal output in 2000, compared to the previous year. However, according to current forecasts, total cereal production will not be enough to cover utilization requirements in 2000/2001 and global cereal reserves will have to be drawn down. If current forecasts materialize, global stocks could fall slightly below minimum safe levels.

14 Jun 2000 description

Rome, June 2000
Extracts from FAO/GIEWS Food Outlook No. 3, 2000


Latest indications continue to point to a larger cereal output in 2000. However, based on the current forecasts, total cereal production would not be sufficient to meet expected utilization requirements in 2000/01 and global cereal reserves would be drawn down again next season.

05 Jan 1999 description

WASHINGTON -- President Clinton has announced new steps intended to ease the plight of the Cuban people and help prepare them for a democratic future.

In a January 5 statement, the president said that the new steps are designed to help the Cuban people without strengthening the Cuban government and are "consistent with our policy of keeping pressure" on the regime of Fidel Castro for democratic change.

The following is the text of the president's statement:

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18 Dec 1998 description

New: See updated needs and contributions table as of 15 Feb 1999

Havana, December 1998


Note: See end of document for Spanish version and links to Annexes


18 Dec 1998 description

United Nations Office of the Resident Coordinator

Havana, 18 December. The United Nations System today issued an international appeal for assistance to Cuba to help the country overcome the consequences of two consecutive natural disasters --a prolonged drought and Hurricane Georges. Both disasters have worsened the situation created by the economic crisis evolving since the beginning of the decade and aggravated by strengthening of the economic, financial and commercial embargo.

18 Dec 1998 description

Naciones Unidas Oficina del Coordinador Residente

La Habana, 18 de diciembre.  El Sistema de las Naciones Unidas lanzó hoy un llamado internacional de asistencia a Cuba para ayudar al país a superar las consecuencias de dos sucesivos desastres naturales --una prolongada sequía y el huracán "Georges"-- que agravan la situación creada por la crisis económica iniciada a principios de esta década y el recrudecimiento del bloqueo económico, financiero y comercial a que está sometido.

12 Dec 1998 description

This report includes: A) Sierra Leone B) Angola C) East and Central Africa: Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda, DR Congo and Congo/Brazzaville D) Central America: Hurricane Mitch E) Caribbean: Dominican Republic, St Kitts and Nevis and Cuba.

01 Oct 1998 description

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- The United States said Thursday it is "very disappointed" that Cuba had turned down a U.S. contribution to an emergency food appeal to combat drought in the communist-ruled island.

"We regret that the Cuban government has decided to put politics ahead of the basic needs of the Cuban people," State Department spokesman James Rubin said.

18 Sep 1998 description

This report includes: A) China B) Bangladesh C) Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Region: Kosovo crisis D) Cuba E) Guinea Bissau F) Sudan - floods G) Central and East Africa: Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo/Brazzaville, Burundi and Tanzania.

04 Sep 1998 description

Duration: September 1998/31 May 1999
Number of Beneficiaries: 615,195
Total Cost to WFP: 20,484,714

01 Sep 1998 description

The UN World Food Programme appealed to the international donor community today for contributions of US$20.5 million to provide humanitarian food aid to Cubans suffering severe shortages caused by the worst drought in decades.

01 Sep 1998 description

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) on Tuesday appealed to the international community for contributions of $20.5 million to provide humanitarian food aid to Cubans suffering severe shortages caused by the worst drought in decades.

26 Aug 1998 description

Ref: OCHAGVA - 98/0276

01 Aug 1998 description

Only 56% of seasonal rainfall has fallen on Cuba with the eastern portion of the country being hardest hit in the provinces of Las Tunas, Holguin, Granma, Santiago de Cuba, and Guantanamo (with rainfall getting progressively better to the west). Rainfall from April-June (usually heavy rainfall months) has been the lowest since 1941.