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09 Feb 2017 description
report The Conversation

The ConversationScott B. Power, Head of Climate Research/International Development Manager, Australian Bureau of Meteorology Brad Murphy, Manager, Climate Data Services, Australian Bureau of Meteorology
Christine Chung, Research Scientist, Australian Bureau of Meteorology
François Delage, Assistant scientist, Australian Bureau of Meteorology

14 Oct 2014 description

The last devastating El Niño experienced in PNG in 1997 and 1998 caused a severe reduction in crop yields due to below average rainfall, with up to 80 per cent in many areas. An increased occurrence of frosts were experienced as low as 1,450m above sea level but with most affected areas above 2,200m in the Western Highlands, Southern Highlands and Central Provinces (Allen, 2000). Surveys (Barr, 1999) conducted throughout 1997 found virtually everyone in rural PNG was affected to some extent and an estimated 40 per cent were seriously affected.

17 Dec 1998 description

According to WMO(*) Annual Statement on the Global Climate

29 Jun 1998 description
report CARE

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06 May 1998 description

Authorities in Papua New Guinea's Madang Province have confirmed 28 have died following serious flooding in the Middle Ramu District.

Governor of Madang, Jim Kas, has declared the district a disaster zone, and says more deaths are expected from waterbourne diseases.

Mr Kas says special medicines, fresh water and food are in urgent need.

01 May 1998 description


(Reuters) - Flooding may have left about 30,000 people homeless in a remote area of Papua New Guinea following heavy rains late last week.

Emergency relief services began shipping supplies to flood ravaged villages on Friday and hoped to have a full assessment of the damage early next week, a Red Cross programme coordinator in Papua New Guinea, Harm Westdrop, said.

"We think about 30,000 people, which means 6,000 families, were affected," Westdrop told Reuters.

Flooding of the Sepik and Ramu Rivers had left about 50 villages under water in the …

21 Apr 1998 description
report World Bank

WASHINGTON, April 21, 1998: The World Bank today approved a US$5.0 million loan for Papua New Guinea (PNG) to help finance an El Niño Drought Response Project which will support government efforts to respond to droughts caused by the weather phenomenon known as El Niño.

19 Mar 1998 description


18 Mar 1998 description

Full Distribution Report

15 Mar 1998 description
report Oxfam

Steady rain has alleviated many effects of the drought but not over the whole country. This has led to a review and reduction in the scale of Oxfam's proposed programme, although difficulties in finding funding have also been influential in this decision. Oxfam's work on wells and water storage as immediate drought relief measures in two of the worst affected Provinces. It will now end in April. The local people of Kerema and Daru are reported to have appreciated Oxfam's activities as Oxfam was the only NGO present there.

13 Mar 1998 description

Dear Colleagues
The following is an update on FSP PNG (FPCD), AFAP, UKFSP activities in Morobe Province. In the southern hinterland of the province, we are working in cooperation with the Australian, French and PNG Governments to distribute 100 tonnes of rice, flour and oil currently being supplied by the French operating out of New Caledonia.

APCEDI Report #9

24 Feb 1998 description

Australia says it is planning a study on drought rehabilitation for Papua New Guinea - building on the 20-million dollars of drought aid since October.

Australia's Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, says P-N-G's drought is improving faster than expected with widespread rains since late December.

Mr Downer says the number of people targetted for aerial food deliveries by the Australian Defence Force is now 54-thousand - down from a monthly peak of 60-thousand.

He says Australia's significant aid effort during the drought is evidence of the concern felt for the welfare …

20 Feb 1998 description

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