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21 Mar 2001 description

By Andrei Khalip

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Reuters) - A day after the world's biggest oil rig sank deep to the ocean floor off Brazil's coast spewing oil and fuel, the offshore platform's owners said the spill was being contained.

The 40-story rig was damaged by a series of blasts last Thursday that killed 10 crew and sank on Tuesday after five days of expensive, risky, but fruitless salvage works.

Only one body has been recovered and the platform, which lies at the depth of 0.84 miles, is now also a grave for nine workers, to the anger of their relatives.

State oil …

21 Mar 2001 description

Rio de Janeiro (dpa) - An undetermined amount of diesel fuel was reported to be leaking Wednesday into the Atlantic Ocean from the wreck of the world's largest oil rig, hours after it sank off the Brazilian coast.

The full extent of pollution emanating from the rig lying at a depth of 1,300 metres was not clear. It is known to contain 1.5 million litres of crude and 1,200 cubic metres of diesel fuel.

21 Mar 2001 description

Ref: 2001/0073
OCHA Situation Report No. 1
Offshore Oil Platform Accident - Brazil
21 March 2001

Incident Details

1. On Thursday, 15 March, an offshore oil platform belonging to the Brazilian oil company, Petrobras, suffered a series of explosions that resulted in a number of casualties and caused severe structural damage. Initially, the platform leaned dangerously as a result of damage to one of the support columns, and then gradually began to sink.

20 Mar 2001 description

Brasilia, Brazil - WWF-Brazil wishes to publicly assert its concern regarding the series of oil spills caused by the Brazilian oil company Petrobrás, which have resulted in severe environmental impacts throughout the country and loss of life for several oil workers.

16 Mar 2001 description

Rio de Janeiro (dpa) - Rescue workers searching for survivors of two blasts on the world's biggest offshore oil rig said Friday the chances of finding anyone alive were remote.

Nine workers remained missing after the explosions early Thursday rocked the P-36 platform in the Campos basin, 250 kilometres northeast of Rio de Janeiro. One body was found, and a Petrobras official was in grave condition, with severe burns.