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03 Oct 2018 description


The Early Warning Early Action initiative has been developed with the understanding that disaster losses and emergency response costs can be drastically reduced by using early warning analysis to act before a crisis escalates into an emergency. Early actions strengthen the resilience of at-risk populations, mitigate the impact of disasters and help communities, governments and national and international humanitarian agencies to respond more effectively and efficiently.

José Graziano da Silva, FAO Director-General

20 Sep 2018 description

Conflicts and climatic shocks aggravate current food insecurity in many countries

Some 39 countries in need of food assistance - FAO expects slightly lower global cereal production

20 September 2018, Rome - Persistent conflicts and climate-related shocks are currently driving high levels of severe food insecurity, particularly in Southern African and Near East countries, which continue to require humanitarian assistance, according to a new report published by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today.

20 Sep 2018 description

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  • La régularité des pluies depuis le mois de juillet dans la majeure partie de la région a permis un développement satisfaisant des cultures qui sont au stade de reproduction-maturation. Aux nouvelles récoltes de maïs, arachide et d’igname provenant des pays côtiers s’ajoutent les récoltes en vert dans les pays sahéliens. En dépit des dégâts de déprédateurs dont la chenille légionnaire, la réunion du PREGEC de septembre 2018 tenue à Lomé évalue les perspectives de récoltes 2018/19 de moyennes à bonnes.

19 Sep 2018 description

The 2018/19 harvest is expected to be average to above-average

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31 Aug 2018 description


  • Planting of cereal crops ongoing under favourable weather conditions

  • Cereal production in 2017 estimated at above-average level

  • Prices of coarse grains remained at high levels due to weak local currency

  • Despite continued assistance, acute food insecurity persists for over 3 million people, mostly in northeast

Favourable weather conditions allow normal progress of 2018 cropping season

27 Aug 2018 description


  • Concerns over secondary 2018 season crops due to floods, pests and conflict in some regions

  • Inflation rates expected to fall in 2018 but will remain relatively high

  • Food and livestock prices generally at high levels driven by limited supplies

  • Food security situation continues to deteriorate in regions of Kasai, Tanganyika and in eastern parts of country**

Concerns over secondary 2018 season crops due to floods, pests and conflict

17 Aug 2018 description
report Inter Press Service

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri

ACCRA and DONKORKROM, Ghana, Aug 17 2018 (IPS) - Paul Ayormah and his fellow farmers make their way home after hours spent manually weeding a friend’s one-acre maize farm in Ghana’s Eastern Region.

“Tomorrow it will be the turn of my maize farm,” he tells IPS.

27 Jul 2018 description
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Screenshot of the interactive content as of 27 Jul 2018.

The **FAWRisk-Map** incorporates diverse socio-economic and agro-ecological data so that responders can visualise where the underlying risk of household **food insecurity** due to Fall Armyworm is highest. The tool consists of a number of layers allowing users to disaggregate risk into its constituent parts. By highlighting potential "hotspots", the tool is intended to assist decision-makers in prioritising and preparing for early action in targeted areas.

19 Jul 2018 description

Feed the Future Enabling Environment for Food Security Project / Esther Ngumbi

This post was co-authored with Esther Ngumbi.

29 Jun 2018 description

Armyworm is threatening not just maize and those who farm it but the businesses that depend on them

By Elias Ntungwe Ngalame

TOMBEL, Cameroon, June 28 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Joan Makia, 45, a farmer in Tombel, a town in Cameroon's Southwest Region, stares out at her 20-hectare maize farm, unable to hide her fear.

"This is big trouble," she said, shaking her head.

The cause of her woes is a pest called fall armyworm, which is native to the Americas, but which is now present in all but 10 African countries.

27 Jun 2018 description

27 June 2018, Rome - Fall Armyworm keeps spreading to larger areas within countries in sub-Saharan Africa and becomes more destructive as it feeds on more crops and different parts of crops, increasingly growing an appetite for sorghum, in addition to maize. The pest could spread to Northern Africa, Southern Europe and the Near East, warned the United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today. The agency called for a massive scaling up of the Fall Armyworm campaign to involve more than 500 000 farmers in sub-Saharan Africa.

25 Jun 2018 description

The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization and Pennsylvania State University joined forces to develop and launch an innovative, talking app - Nuru - to help African farmers recognize Fall Armyworm, a new and fast-spreading crop pest in sub-Saharan Africa, so that they can take immediate steps to destroy it and curb its spread.

12 Jun 2018 description


  • Nearly 84,000 Congolese have fled to neighboring Uganda to date in 2018

  • Continued FAW infestations could reduce harvests in eastern DRC

  • USG, relief organizations respond to Ebola outbreak in northwestern DRC


24 May 2018 description

Atelier de lancement du projet TCP/CMR/3605 « Appui à la gestion de la chenille légionnaire d’automne, Spodoptera frugiperda (Smith) au Cameroun »

07 May 2018 description

A new initiative to strengthen multi-hazard early warning systems and to boost resilience is underway in Mali.

06 Apr 2018 description

The participants in the regional technical consultation on the validation of the final results of the 2017-2018 cropping season and the food and nutrition situation in the Sahel and West Africa, held in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, from 26 to 28 March 2018, issued the following statement:

04 Apr 2018 description

This quarterly update is compiled by OCHA ROSEA to support growth in innovative policy, practice and partnerships in humanitarian action to better engage with disaster-affected communities across Southern and Eastern Africa.

CwC News in Southern & Eastern Africa

A lifeline for people affected by drought in Somalia

02 Apr 2018 description


  • Above-average cereal harvest gathered in 2017

  • Prices of coarse grains remained at high levels driven mostly by weak local currency

  • Food security situation improved but over 3 million in need of assistance

Above-average cereal harvest gathered in 2017