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11 Feb 2015 description
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NEWS: Better use of long-term climate information could reduce risks for African investments

London and Cape Town, Monday 9 February 2015 - African governments and businesses are putting their investments at risk from the long-term impacts of climate change because they are failing to take climate information into account, says a new report from the Overseas Development Institute and SouthSouthNorth for the Future Climate For Africa (FCFA) programme and Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), launched today.

19 Jan 2015 description

Zambia’s climate is bound to change in the coming decades – as climate change takes hold globally. Even if global greenhouse gas emissions fall drastically, Zambia will be affected by changes in temperatures and rainfall for the next generation. How should policy-makers and investors take these climate risks into account? That’s the subject of a new policy brief from the Future Climate for Africa programme and CDKN.

13 Nov 2014 description

The impacts of climate change in Africa will be significant and long-term. Long-lived infrastructure and development planning are likely to be particularly affected. Factoring climate change into their design and implementation is, therefore, vital to development outcomes. Yet we know very little about how long-term climate information is used in African decision-making.