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13 Jan 2009 description

Lusaka_(dpa) _ Cholera deaths in Zambia have reached 28 as the southern African nation battles to contain about 2,000 reported cases of cholera, according to radio reports Tuesday.

Ministry of Health spokesman Cannisius Banda told a private radio programme that traffic from neighbouring Zimbabwe and poor water and sanitation systems, mainly in Zambia's peripheral urban areas have contributed to the spread of the water-borne disease.

Banda said Zambia had assessed the cholera situation in Zimbabwe and, rather than close its border, would assist patients from Zimbabwe in border …

04 Nov 2008 description

Lusaka, Zambia_(dpa) _ The decision by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to phase out food aid to refugees in two camps in Zambia will leave about 3,000 people vulnerable to hunger, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) said Tuesday.

UNHCR Representative to Zambia James Lynch said the WFP had informed his office that it would stop providing food to all but the most vulnerable refugees at Zambia's Meheba and Mayukwayukwa camps in 2009.

The two camps in Zambia's North-Western and Western provinces are hosting a combined population of 26,300 …

20 Jul 2008 description

Lusaka_(dpa) _ Zambian victims of recent xenophobic acts in South Africa should should return home to begin a new life, Information Minister Mike Mulongoti said in Lusaka Sunday.

"Many opportunities exist in Zambia for the victims.

03 Jun 2008 description

Lusaka_(dpa) _ Zambia is preparing to repatriate 31 of its nationals from South Africa, where tens of thousands of African migrants have been made homeless by a wave of xenophobic violence, Radio Zambia said Tuesday.

Home Affairs Minister Ronnie Shikapwasha was quoted as saying that the 31 would be repatriated as soon as possible.

Zambian High Commissioner to South Africa Leslie Mbula said no Zambians were among the 62 killed and hundreds injured in attacks by slum residents against mainly African migrants in May.

The attackers accuse the migrants of taking scarce jobs and public …

11 Feb 2008 description

Maputo_(dpa) _ Flooding caused by heavy seasonal rains claimed three more lives over the weekend in Mozambique where authorities were bracing for a fresh surge along the Zambezi river and battling to get supplies to around 2,000 families that had fled their homes.

The United Nations said it was looking for close to 89 million dollars in assistance for Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe, where floods have destroyed thousands of homes, washed away crops and left around 449,000 people in immediate need of relief supplies.

"We are only halfway through the rainy season and with …

24 Jan 2008 description

Maputo_(dpa) _ Southern Africa must improve its warning systems in order to minimize the impact of disasters like the flooding that has displaced tens of thousands of people in the region since December, a senior regional official has warned.

Tomaz Salomao, executive secretary of the 14-nation Southern African Development Community (SADC), was speaking after a helicopter tour of flood-hit districts in central Mozambique Wednesday.

17 Jan 2008 description

Lusaka, Zambia_(dpa) _ Zambian president Levy Mwanawasa Thursday declared the floods that have displaced tens of thousands of people in the south-east African country a national disaster and repeated his appeal for international aid.

Mwanawasa was speaking in Mazabuka in southern Zambia, one of the areas worst hit by the flooding caused by heavy rains falling since early December.

16 Jan 2008 description

Maputo_(dpa) _ Mozambique's disaster management agency INGC said Wednesday four more people had been swept away in floods during the summer rainy season that have killed dozens of people in south-east Africa since December.

The latest deaths in the northern province of Lichinga, bordering Tanzania and Malawi, brings to 11 the number of people in Mozambique who have died in the flooding that usually peaks in mid-February.

In Zimbabwe, over 30 people have died in flooding caused by the heaviest rains on record in that country in December. To the north Zambia has reported three …

11 Jan 2008 description

Maputo_(dpa) _ Mozambique's disaster management officials on Friday warned people who slipped back home after evacuating from flood-hit parts of the country they would be forced to return to resettlement areas.

Floods in Mozambique, a feature of the summer rainy season, have claimed three lives so far since December. In neighbouring Zimbabwe the death toll stands at over 30.

14 Feb 2007 description

Johannesburg_(dpa) _ Companies in Zambia are reaching into their pockets to help victims of recent flooding in the southern African country, which according to officials on Wednesday has claimed the lives of at least five people and left around 50,000 homeless.

Celtel Zambia Limited, a mobile phone operator, National Milling Company and Zambia Sugar Company have together donated 300 million kwacha (74,000 dollars) to relief efforts after heavy rains damaged roads and washed away bridges, cutting off parts of the country.

08 Feb 2007 description

Johannesburg_(dpa) _ Cholera is stalking the victims of heavy flooding in Southern Africa, which has claimed nearly 150 lives since the beginning of the year, reports said Thursday.

18 May 2006 description

Lusaka_(dpa) _ Zambian authorities Thursday warned Angolan refugees resisting repatriation that they would be subjected to immigration laws and deported once the repatriation exercise ends in December 2006.

Home affairs Permanent Secretary Peter Mumba sounding the warning on Thursday in Lusaka said refugees refusing to take advantage of the extended voluntary repatriation exercise scheduled to resume in June would find life in Zambia very difficult.

"There will be repercussions for those who won't take the opportunity to be repatriated. Life will be difficult for them.

15 Feb 2006 description

Lusaka (dpa) - Hundreds of villagers in southern Zambia have slaughtered their chickens and goats in the wake of false reports of the presence of the deadly bird flu haveing reached the country, news reports said on Wednesday.

03 Feb 2006 description

By Olga Manda, dpa

Lusaka_(dpa) _ Poor villagers and wild elephants are engaged in an increasingly bitter battle for space and food in Zambia, with animal conservation authorities accused of doing little to end the conflict.

The elephants have claimed lives, destroyed property and vast fields of maize and cassava staple in the landlocked country.

Terrorised people say Zambia's estimated 25,000 elephants have pushed the hungry and helpless deeper into poverty.

Clashes with elephants increase during the farming season when huge migrating herds from neighbouring …

20 Jan 2006 description

Lusaka_(dpa) _ Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa and his cabinet were on Friday expected to hold a ground-breaking meeting at which government will decide its position on the final draft report of the republican constitution.

16 Jan 2006 description

Lusaka_(dpa) _ Zambia's President Levy Mwanawasa - in an about-turn on Monday - said his government would bow to the people's demand for a new republican constitution ahead of this year's general elections.

13 Jan 2006 description

Lusaka_(dpa) _ Zambia's President Levy Mwanawasa on Friday announced free medical services for millions of Zambians living in rural areas in a government bid to increase access to treatment and make social services work for impoverished people.

05 Jan 2006 description

Lusaka (dpa) - The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) on Thursday said that due to a poor response to international appeals it had not received any funding to care for refugees in Zambia in 2006.
WFP spokesman Jo Woods said the lack of funds could lead to starvation among the tens of thousands of Congolese and Angolan refugees living in the impoverished southern African country.

03 Jan 2006 description

By Benita van Eyssen, dpa

24 Sep 2005 description

Lusaka (dpa )- The World Food Programme (WFP) in drought-affected Zambia has to start rationing food aid due to poor donor funding, local WFP deputy director Peter Rodriguez said Saturday.

He said the agency had a deficit of 41.5 million dollars to feed thousands of starving vulnerable people in the southern African country.

According to its Vulnerability Assessment Committee (VAC) report, 120,000 tons of food to feed some 1.2 million Zambians was needed till harvest in March next year.

Rodriguez said the UN food agency would not manage to supply 81,000 tons of food as requested …