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07 Feb 2018 description

Luanda - A memorandum of collaboration in the health domain was signed last Monday, in Lusaka, between the Health Ministries of Angola and Zambia, represented by the incumbent ministers, respectively Sílvia Lutukuta and Chitalu Chilufya.

The memo outlines the exchange of regular information in relation to epidemiological outbreaks at the common border regions, joint sensitisation work to raise health measures awareness and the strengthening of the control over border activities like trade.

04 Apr 2016 description

Saurimo - Angolan Families, returned from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Zambia, received on Sunday, miscellaneous goods from the National Diamond Company (Endiama), as part of celebrations of the 14th anniversary of peace and national reconciliation.

Among the delivered goods, it includes rice, cooking oil, salt, beans, soft drinks, dried fish, maize flour, soap, juice and materials for the practice of agriculture, among others.

06 Oct 2015 description

Geneva - The Angolan Social Welfare minister, João Baptista Kussumua, said Monday in Geneva (Switzerland) that 523.318 Angolan citizens have voluntarily returned home, as part of the refugee repatriation process.

The minister was addressing the 66th session of the Executive Committee of the High Commissioner of Refugees (HCR) that opened Monday in Geneva.

João Kussumua stressed that the figure is the result of an assessment for the period from July 2003 to September 2015.

08 Dec 2014 description

Luanda - A tripartite accord involving Angola, Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia was signed recently to enable the return or legalisation of Angolan refugees resident in the above mentioned neighbouring countries.

The information was released on Thursday in Luanda by the Angolan Foreign minister, Georges Chikoti.

The minister was speaking to MPs during a session of the National Assembly (Parliament) on the State Budget for 2015, stressing the existence of three classes of citizens in those countries. They are refugee, resident and illegal.

14 Jul 2014 description

Lubango - At least 177 former refugee families from neighbouring Namibia, Zambia and DRC have been resettled over the last 16 months in their areas of origin, announced the provincial Department of Social Welfare (Minars) in southern Huila province.

The process is part of the ongoing reintegration programme of the former refugees.

Of the above number, 94 families were resettled in Lubango, Matala (21), Chipindo (15), Jamba (11), Caconda (10), Caluquembe (10), Kuvango (8), Quipungo (3), Chicomba (2),

and one in Humpata.

14 Jul 2014 description

The data were released Friday by the representative of the UN body in the country, Hans Lunshop, while speaking to Angop in Luanda on "Social reintegration of the former refugees returned to the country."

Hans Lunshop mentioned Zambia, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Namibia and South Africa as the main host and from where the repatriation operations took place after the achievement of peace in 2002.

He said that most of former refugees came from DRC, approximately 70,000 people, followed by Zambia with 20, 000.

18 Apr 2014 description

Luanda - The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) will make available this year 1.7 million US dollars to support the transportation of Angolan refugees in D.R Congo and Zambia to their areas of origin.

A press note from the mentioned institution, which reached ANGOP on Tuesday, states that the resources are part of the initiative of the UNHCR dubbed “Seeds for Solutions”.

18 Apr 2014 description

Luanda - At least 10,000 former Angolan refugees have been integrated in Zambia by the local authorities after the termination of their refugee status and the period for voluntary return to Angola.

This was said said on Tuesday in Luanda by Zambian MPs during a meeting with the Secretary of State for Cooperation, Angela Braganca, on behalf of Foreign Affairs minister, Georges Rebelo Pinto Chikoti.

Angop learnt that the meeting highlighted the historic and friendship ties between the two peoples.

23 Jan 2014 description

Luena - More than 26,000 Angolan refugees living in neighbouring countries for the last 30 years have expressed the wish to return home until the end of this year, under the process of voluntary repatriation jointly organised by the Government and its international partners.

The information was confirmed by the representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Hans Lunshof, during the arrival of the first group of Angolan refugees from Zambia.

03 Jul 2012 description

Solwezi (Angola) - The Angolan ambassador to Zambia, Balbina da Silva, explained to the Angolan refugees still living in Maheba camp in Solwezi, the reasons why they should return to the country.

Alluding to the end of the Status of Refugees, the ambassador focused her speech on the return call to avoid possible negative consequences that the unauthorized stay in Zambian territory may result, since the Zambian authorities determined to be illegal aliens who stay after the end of the reservation clause of Angolans in the country.

13 Jan 2012 description

Luena - The minister of Social Welfare, João Baptista Kussumua, reiterated the Angolan government's availability to repatriate the 60,000 Angolan refugees based in neighbouring countries, whose process is set to resume next February.

The minister expressed the government's desire Friday in eastern Moxico province during a 24-hour visit to the region.

According to him, the first phase that started in the second half of 2011 benefited 4,000 Angolan citizens from DR Congo, 1, 500; Zambia, 2, 400; Botswana 29 and Namibia six..

10 Jan 2012 description

Luena - Hundred families that returned from Zambia received Tuesday in Luena, eastern Moxico province, goods donated by the Angolan Youth Association from Zambia (AJAPRZ).

The donation consists of basic foodstuffs such as rice, maize flour and cooking oil, and 20 bundles of used clothing, cloths, blankets, ten wheelchairs, 125 pairs of crutches, 7,000 notebooks and various utensils.

26 Dec 2011 description

Luena - Ten families from the 121 Angolans that returned from the Republic of Zambia this month and who are still at the shelter centre of Luena (eastern Moxico province), on Friday received assorted foodstuff donated by militants of JMPLA (youth wing of the ruling MPLA party).

The donation is one two tonnes of products such as mealie meal, cooking oil, rice, salt, spaghetti, beans, cool drinks, juice, used clothes, among other consumption goods.

16 Dec 2011 description

Luena - At least 121 Angolans who were settled in the neighbouring Republic of Zambia as refugees returned Friday in Luena, capital of Moxico province, where they will be resettled in their areas of origin.

The Angolans living in Zambia for over 30 years were carried on an aircraft of Angolan company “Sonair”, which made a stopover Thursday in the city of Ndola.

28 Oct 2011 description

10/28/11 12:41 PM

Kuito - 34 refugees returned on Friday to Kuito city in the central Bié province from Zambia, under the ongoing voluntary repatriation process.

This was said to Angop by the local director of welfare department, Angelica Bem-Vinda Gomes.

She said that the returnees will temporary be settled in a transit centre, afterwards they will be moved to their areas of origin.

The source said that the centre at Samununga locality has favourable conditions to accommodate these people.

05 Sep 2011 description

Menongue – At least 230 Angolans who lived in the neighbouring Republic of Zambia as refugees returned home over the weekend, through southeastern Kuando Kubango province, under the organised volunteer repatriation process, Angop learned.

The information was released by the acting director of Welfare Ministry, José Martins, who said all has been put in place for a full assistance to those returning home, including free birth registration and Identity Card issuing services.

12 Aug 2011 description

Lumbala-Nguimbo – Some 78 Angolan refugees that lived in Zambia returned on Thursday to Lumbala-Nguimbo village, in Bundas locality, eastern Moxico Province.

They were transported by planes of the Zambia Air Force, from Mayukuyakwya, Mungo and Solwezi, where they lived for over 20 years as refugees.

ANGOP learnt from a source of the organising commission of the voluntary repatriation that this group joins another one that was in Lumbala-Nguimbo transit centre.

28 Jul 2011 description

Luanda – A total of 46,290 vulnerable people have been assisted with 750,4 tonnes of assorted goods over the second quarter of this year, Angop learned Wednesday in Luanda.

This was disclosed by the minister of State and head of the Civil Affairs Office of the Presidency of the Republic, Carlos Feijó.

According to the source, of the goods distributed, 463,4 tonnes were foodstuffs and 287 tonnes were non-eatable goods.

07 Jul 2011 description

Menongue – Over six thousand refugees coming from neighbouring countries such as Namibia and Zambia, with destination to Kuando Kubango Province, will have as from this month their civil registration guaranteed, ANGOP learnt from an official source.

The fact was announced Wednesday by vice minister of Justice for Civil Registration and Notary, Ana Canene, at the end of a three-day working visit to Kuando Kubango Province, where she led a delegation of the sector to the districts of Menongue, Mavinga and Kuchi.

08 Jun 2011 description

Kinshasa – A tripartite accord for the repatriation of more than 40,000 Angolan refugees was signed Wednesday in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, by the Governments of DRC, Angola and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Angop learned.

The ceremony followed a tripartite meeting of representatives of the two countries and the UNHCR.