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29 Nov 2011 description

Adult HIV prevalence in southern DRC is estimated to be only 1.2%. However, this masks more local variations, especially among most-at-risk populations. For example, 23.3.% of sex workers were HIV positive in one survey in Lubumbashi. More recently in Lubumbashi, HIV prevalence among pregnant women was 6.3%. HIV prevalence is also likely to be higher than 1.2% in the southeastern tip of DRC due to population movement between DRC and high HIV prevalence areas of Zambia.

18 Sep 2008 description

Instead of the usual depiction of conflicts as countrywide and defined by national boundaries, this map displays distinct conflict-affected areas in Africa as sub-national and transnational pockets of insecurity, violence, and armed aggression.  Areas of conflict were drawn around locations of reported conflict incidents in 2007 and 2008, as well as concentrations of internally displaced persons and cross-border rebel bases and refugee camps in neighboring countries.