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29 Nov 2017 description
report Plan International

Girls with disabilities are kept in the dark about their sexual and reproductive health and often don’t know how to protect themselves against abuse, pregnancy and disease. This report highlights the perfect storm of discrimination faced by girls with disabilities, which leaves many of them totally unaware of their rights.

19 Jul 2016 description

· El Nino is having a devastating impact on children in the Southern Africa region forcing them into early marriage, child labour and out of school, reveals a World Vision report released today

· The EU and its Member States urgently need to fund child protection programmes in the region

19 May 2011 description
report Plan International

Around 33 million people in the world are currently living with HIV and AIDS, and each year 2.7 million more become infected – including an estimated 370,000 children.

14 Dec 2010 description
report Plan International


Statement from the Chair

Plan entered the 2010 financial year with cautious optimism, having weathered the worst of the financial crisis. I am very happy to report that the measures we have since put in place, and the continuing efforts and commitment of our fundraising teams, programme advisors and highly dedicated staff, have all contributed to a 14 per cent rise in income to over €534 million.

28 Apr 2010 description
report Plan International

In Zambia, Plan is working with rural communities to improve the nutrition of local children by educating their parents and building a community hub.

Josephine is a mother of three young children. She makes a living from subsistence farming. For years her family's diet consisted of only nshima (a thick local porridge made from cassava or maize flour), cassava leaves and occasionally fish.

At the beginning of every rainy season, like many families in her village, she has to spend a lot of time tilling the land and planting the year's crops.

04 Apr 2008 description
report Plan International

What's a little bit of water, right?

But when a little rain, which is often initially welcomed, comes day after day and week after week - the water does become a problem. It drowns and rots the crops, kills livestock, causes rivers to overflow, causes landslides (that then destroy homes and communities), and increases the risk of diseases like malaria, dysentery and dengue fever.

In the last year, tens of millions of children and families have been directly affected by flooding - hundreds of thousands displaced from their homes.

12 Feb 2008 description
report Plan International

Plan has released $200,000 from its emergency fund to help victims of severe and sustained flooding in parts of Mozambique.

Although the flooding is north of Plan's program area in Inhambane, Plan is working alongside Save the Children and UNICEF to support those forced to leave their homes for higher ground.

Zimbabwe, Zambia and Mozambique are all experiencing heavier rainfall and flooding than usual during their rainy season, destroying the livelihood of millions of people.

Already, more than 94,000 people have been moved to higher ground in Mozambique and 89,000 hectares …

18 Jan 2008 description
report Plan International

Southern Africa is teetering on the brink of a massive humanitarian crisis as floods sweep through the region forcing tens of thousands of children from their homes.

At least 45 people in Southern Africa have been killed by the floods caused by some of the heaviest rains to hit the region in recent decades.

31 Mar 2003 description
report Plan International

"No child should die from famine in the 21st century. We must use all the lessons learnt from the mass hunger of the past to stop Southern Africa from starving." David Muthungu, Regional Director, Plan Eastern and Southern Africa.

01 Sep 2002 description
report Plan International

Food for Southern Africa

31 Aug 2002 description
report Plan International

Eastern and Southern Africa and Europe