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16 Sep 2018 description
report EastAfrican


Two former Rwandan refugees, Innocent Habumugisha and Egide Rwasibo, who were deported from Zambia in December 2015 on the grounds that they were working as spies for the Rwandan government and causing insecurity in Zambia, won a case in the Zambian High Court last week, with the judge ruling that their deportation was “unconscionable and unreasonable."

20 May 2018 description
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Seven Congolese refugees in Zambia died following a boat accident as they sought to escape from a transit centre north of the country, police said.

Zambia police issued a statement saying: "Seven Democratic Republic of Congo nationals have drowned on Lake Mweru in Chiengi District of Luapula Province after their boat capsized due to heavy winds."

16 May 2018 description
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About 10,000 out of the more than 20,000 Angolan nationals living in Zambia have expressed their desire to voluntarily return home, the media confirmed.

According to the state-run Jornal de Angola newspaper, more than 15,000 Angolan refugees were currently living at reception camps in Mayuca Yuca in western Mongo Province and in Mayeba in Solwezi north-western province.

The others were spread in many places including the major towns.

28 Apr 2018 description
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In Summary

  • Tel Aviv says it has dropped its months-long plans to expel thousands of migrants who cross into the country through Egypt’s Sinai desert.
  • The move is said to have been taken after Uganda, which had indicated a willingness to take in 500 of them, “took too long” in acceding to Tel Aviv’s request.
  • Zambia and two other African countries are on Israel’s radar in its new plan for voluntary deportations.


23 Feb 2018 description
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Zambia will not be a permanent home for Rwandan refugees, President Edgar Lungu declared on Thursday.

President Lungu said that in line with the expiry of the deadline of the cessation clause that ended Rwandan refugee status in December, they have to return home.

“We will not allow a situation where we have permanent refugees in Zambia, whether they are fugitives or those who fled as victims. The bottom line is, we have to put a closure to this chapter,” President Lungu told journalists in Kigali on Thursday.

23 Jan 2018 description
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African countries are divided on the fate of Rwandan refugees within their borders following the expiry of the deadline of the cessation clause that effectively ends their refugee status.

The cessation clause is part of the 1951 Refugee Convention, which allows countries to declare that the reasons that led to people fleeing the country no longer exist, and that all those who fled should be able to return or risk losing their refugee status.

31 Dec 2017 description
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In Summary
- Parties cited the need for more time to promote voluntary repatriation, while a section of asylum countries grappled with logistical challenges to examine individual cases of refugees seeking exemption or integration.
- Deadline for cessation elapses on January 1, 2018.

05 Nov 2017 description
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In Summary
- Rwandan refugees have up to December 31 to either secure legal residency in host countries, return home or risk losing protection after the cessation date.
- This has seen the country receive over 11,000 returnees in the first eight months of this year compared with 5,580 in 2016.
- Invocation of the cessation clause means that the UNHCR will no longer be responsible for supporting Rwandan refugees.

25 Jun 2016 description
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  • Zambia says it will accord Rwandan refugees, who were recently targeted in xenophobic attacks, special refugee status, even as Rwanda maintains that some of them are on the wanted list of genocide suspects.

  • In April, hundreds of Rwandan refugees were attacked by locals who accused them of engaging in ritual killings. They fled to the Rwandan High Commission in Lusaka, as their shops and properties were ransacked by marauding gangs.

22 Apr 2016 description
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Zambia's capital Lusaka was calm Thursday morning following two days of protests and looting that targeted mostly foreign-owned shops in the slums.

Several local radio stations and newspapers reported that the calm had prevailed from Wednesday evening.

The xenophobic attacks were caused by ritual killings that have hit the capital in the past few weeks.

President Edgar Lungu ordered a special unit of the Zambia Army to step in and quell the protests, which were seemingly escalating, resulting in two deaths.

30 Dec 2013 description
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In Summary

•The approach, referred to as results-based financing for health, (RBF), pays providers of health services after pre-agreed results have been achieved and independently verified.

•Created in 2007, the Health Results Innovation Trust Fund, managed by the World Bank, is supporting 36 RBF programmes in 31 countries, committing $404 million of donor funding from the governments of Norway and the United Kingdom.

07 Jul 2013 description
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By EDMUND KAGIRE The EastAfrican


12 Oct 2009 description
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As famine and food shortages threaten millions of people in the region, key players in African seed sector have met to accelerate efforts for high yield and drought resistant seed varieties for poor farmers.

A regional meeting that opened on Monday in Bamako, Mali, brought together 300 agriculture scientists, entrepreneurs, farmers' organisations and governments from across the continent.

The experts from 20 countries who collectively form the heart of the Programme for Africa's Seed Systems (PASS), a $150 million initiative launched two years ago by the …

04 Oct 2005 description
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Special Correspondent,THE EASTAFRICAN

Tanzanian-trained mine detection rats will be deployed in demining operations in the Great lakes region.

25 Jul 2005 description
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The EastAfrican, July 25 2005- A network linking the railway lines and some major lake ports in Burundi, Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia is being mooted by United Nations experts to promote trade and regional integration.

The proposed South Corridor Great Lakes Railway Project will entail construction of 900km of new railway line to provide seamless transportation across the Great Lakes Region for goods and people.

The targeted lakes are Tanganyika, Kivu and Edward.