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18 Mar 2008 description


This report paints a vivid picture of the water and sanitation needs of individuals and households affected by HIV/AIDS in Zambia. These needs are particular in terms of access, quantity of water and design of facilities. About 40 million people are infected by the virus around the world , and this number must be multiplied greatly to count all those affected. However, water and sanitation facilities and services are grossly lacking in both rural and urban areas of Africa and Asia.

31 Jan 2008 description


This report documents the findings of Local Voices, a six month qualitative research project that provided HIV orphans, vulnerable children and their carers with the opportunity to discuss and document the difficulties they face providing food, water and healthcare for their families.

01 Dec 2004 description

Action Against Hunger considers the HIV/AIDS pandemic as a global emergency, which is having an overwhelming impact far beyond just the health sector. As a leading agency in the treatment and prevention of malnutrition, Action Against Hunger is currently researching and developing new programme approaches to ensure that the impact of HIV and AIDS on nutrition and household food security are properly understood and integrated into our delivery of services to the most vulnerable.

27 Nov 2002 description

De acuerdo con un nuevo informe titulado 'Resumen mundial de la epidemia de VIH/SIDA. Diciembre de 2002', la epidemia de VIH/SIDA está contribuyendo a agravar una hambruna cada vez más mortífera en África austral. El Programa Conjunto de las Naciones Unidas sobre el VIH/SIDA (ONUSIDA) y la Organización Mundial de la Salud (OMS) han dado a conocer hoy (lunes 25 de noviembre) la nueva actualización exhaustiva de la epidemia mundial de VIH/SIDA, anticipándose a la celebración del Día Mundial del SIDA, el próximo día 1 de diciembre.