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09 Sep 2016 description
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Policy briefing

When food prices spiked in 2008, the international price of basic food items peaked at unprecedented levels, bringing a wave of food riots in low-income countries. Subsequent price volatility had huge impacts on millions of people who struggled to feed their families nutritiously. Life in a Time of Food Price Volatility was a real-time investigation by IDS and Oxfam of the experiences of people on low and uncertain incomes as they made dramatic adjustments to their place in the global economy in the wake of the food and financial crises that began in 2007.

23 Sep 2014 description

Introduction – Turning Rapid Growth into Meaningful Growth: Sustaining the Commitment to Nutrition in Zambia

24 Jun 2014 description

Executive summary

What is the HANCI?

This report presents the Hunger And Nutrition Commitment Index (HANCI) 2013. It seeks to:

1 . Rank governments on their political commitment to tackling hunger and undernutrition;

2 . Measure what governments achieve and where they fail in addressing hunger and undernutrition – providing greater transparency and public accountability;

23 May 2013 description

Food prices squeezing poor people and driving social change by stealth

A new era of high and volatile food prices go beyond affecting what people can afford to eat and are causing life-changing shifts in society, experts warn today.

11 Apr 2013 description

Poorest countries lead the fight against hunger and undernutrition

According to new research published by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), low income countries like Malawi and Madagascar and lower middle income Guatemala, are leading the charge against hunger and undernutrition, whilst economic powerhouses such as India and Nigeria are failing some of their most vulnerable citizens.

21 Jun 2011 description

Executive summary

‘I often get afraid of asking the price – I ask from a distance, hear it, and then slowly go away.’ Agricultural labourer in Dhamuirhat, Naogaon district, Bangladesh

06 Apr 2011 description

Development experts, policymakers and academics, meeting at a major conference on global land grabbing, being held at IDS, were told today that a new 'scramble for Africa' is taking place. A major study released by the World Bank last September found that in 2009 deals were being struck for the allocation of 45 million hectares of land, 70 per cent of this was in Africa.

31 Jan 2011 description

Naomi Hossain - 31 January 2011

Popular uprising in the Middle East and the Foresight report by 400 experts have put world food prices atop the development agenda, and international policymakers are again looking for answers.

2011 may not be as sharp a price spike as 2008: so far the worst shocks appear to have been averted, and the lack of widespread food riots has reassured policymakers.

01 Jun 2010 description

The ODI Social Protection Programme worked with the Centre for Social Protection (CSP) at the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), the School of International Development at the University of East Anglia (UEA-DEV), and the Southern Africa Regional Hunger and Vulnerability Programme (RHVP) to produce this shared statement on the future of Social Protection in sub-Saharan Africa, challenging current practices within the research and donor community.

The paper challenges current practices within the research and donor community.