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16 Apr 2018 description
report Christian Aid

New study: The climate change inequality at the heart of the Commonwealth

19 Apr 2012 description
report Christian Aid

April 16 2012 - With World Malaria Day on April 25 the unique role the Church is playing in tackling the disease in sub-Saharan Africa has been highlighted.

It is well known that mosquito nets and access to treatment save lives but the central role of the Church is sometimes overlooked.

30 Sep 2011 description
report Christian Aid

African Green Revolution ignores downside of intensive farming

October 13 2011 - Lessons learned from Asia’s Green Revolution about the damage intensive farming can cause are being ignored in the race to help Africa feed itself, Christian Aid warns in a report published today.

Sustainable farming techniques are being sidelined in favour of a quick-fix solution - modern seed varieties (MVs) that produce better yields if treated with synthetic fertiliser and pesticides.

13 Sep 2010 description
report Christian Aid

Christian Aid has partnered with US investors, Chris Flowers and Neville Isdell, and the Coca Cola Africa Foundation to launch an innovative new 18-month cross border malaria programme through the Zambian Anglican Council.

The programme will contribute to efforts to eliminate malaria in sub-Saharan Africa.

It aims to demonstrate the importance of malaria prevention programmes that cross national borders and the churches role in fostering the necessary collaboration and coordination required.

In 2008 there were 247 million cases of malaria and nearly one million deaths, mostly …

11 Jan 2008 description
report Christian Aid

Heavy rains that have caused severe flooding in Zambia may lead to serious food shortages and disease outbreaks, warns Jennipher Sakala, Christian Aid's country manager based in Lusaka.

Roads and bridges have been destroyed, cutting off whole communities, as well as damaging livestock, crops and forcing Zambians to flee their homes.

31 Mar 2003 description
report Christian Aid

A Christian Aid policy briefing
Kato Lambrechts and Gweneth Barry

16 Dec 2002 description
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Appeal update

09 Dec 2002 description
report Christian Aid

Catherine Spring, 28, from Oxfordshire, won the Guardian/Christian Aid student journalism competition. In November she visited Zambia to see the work of a Christian Aid-funded organisation on the issue of HIV/AIDS, and wrote an article for the Guardian about what she saw.

01 Jul 2002 description
report Christian Aid

Nearly 14 million people in the southern Africa region risk starvation in the coming months after a lethal combination of floods, droughts, poor harvests, and mismanagement of national grain reserves have decimated their harvests and their livelihoods.

10 Jun 2002 description
report Christian Aid

Christian Aid is this week launching an emergency appeal for southern Africa, currently suffering from one of its most acute food shortages in living memory.
'We urgently need money in order to increase our ability to respond to the crisis in some of the worst affected areas,' said Tony Dykes, head of Christian Aid's southern Africa team.

07 Jun 2002 description
report Christian Aid

More than twelve million people in southern African countries like Malawi, Zimbabwe and Zambia are facing starvation. Last year there were serious floods in the region while this year there has not been enough rain.
While the floods went largely unnoticed internationally, suddenly news media outlets have picked up on a human disaster in the making in southern Africa. In fact while climatic factors have sparked this crisis, it has been exacerbated by a swathe of slow-building economic and political factors combining to create potential catastrophe.

17 May 2002 description
report Christian Aid

People in southern Africa are gathering this year's harvest. Indicators suggest it will do little to relive the critical food shortages suffered by many.