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07 May 2008 description

Abou Mouhilou Seidou / MONUC

Les deux premières vagues de réfugiés congolais en Zambie, pour le compte de l'année 2008 ont accosté sur les rivages du Lac Tanganyika, les 4 et 6 mai derniers, en provenance des camps de Kala et Mwange, dans une ambiance festive qui augure d'une bonne suite des opérations de rapatriement.

Ils étaient au total 811 à débarquer en deux vagues, sur les rivages du Lac Tanganyika, à bord du Mwongozo, navire tanzanien affrété par le Haut Commissariat des Nations Unies pour les Réfugiés (HCR).

15 Aug 2007 description

E. Young & N. Yacoubian / MONUC

The insecurity in eastern DRC continues to cause huge internal displacement of people, and the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and humanitarian agencies continue to face this problem, as well as that of refugees in both the DRC and its border countries. Marcellin Hepie, UNHCR Deputy Representative in the DRC, gives us a progress report on the current situation.


There are Congolese refugees in nine bordering countries.

14 Aug 2007 description

N. Yacoubian & E. Young / MONUC

L'insécurité qui prévaut toujours à l'est du pays continue de causer le déplacement interne des populations. Le Haut Commissariat des Nations Unies pour les Réfugiés (HCR) et les agences humanitaires font face à ce problème ainsi qu'au retour des réfugiés dans les pays voisins. Marcellin Hepie, Représentant Adjoint du HCR en RDC, nous fait le point sur la situation.


Il y a des réfugiés congolais dans les neuf pays frontaliers de la RDC.

27 Apr 2007 description

Eoin Young / MONUC

Le Haut Commissariat des Nations Unies pour les réfugies (HCR) en RD Congo, planifie le premier voyage retour des réfugies congolais de Zambie. Selon le porte-parole du HCR, Jens Hesemann, cette opération permettra de rapatrier 20 000 réfugiés au Katanga, d'ici la fin 2007.

Environ 61 000 congolais sont actuellement réfugiés en Zambie o=F9 la plupart sont arrivés en 1998 au début de la guerre en RDC.

26 Apr 2007 description

Eoin Young / MONUC

UNHCR in DR Congo is planning the first Congolese refugee return operation from Zambia to Katanga province, starting in May 2007. According to UNHCR spokesman Jens Hesemann, this will mark the start of a process in which up to 20,000 refugees could be repatriated to Katanga by the end of 2007.

61,000 Congolese are refugees in Zambian territory, with the majority living there since the outbreak of war in the DRC in 1998.

14 Nov 2004 description

Congolese refugees eager to return home despite continued insecurity in eastern DRC

Patrice Bogna/MONUC

Congolese refugees eager to return home:

A commercial boat carrying an unspecified number of Congolese refugees from Pulungo (Zambia) and Kigoma (Tanzania) arrived in the Bukavu area. Similarly, several reports suggested that between 5 and 10 Congolese refugees return spontaneously from Burundi to Uvira daily.

29 Oct 2004 description

Patrice Bogna/MONUC

MONUC Head of Office in Bunia engages with a visiting humanitarian delegation:

A joint humanitarian delegation including OCHA and DFID representatives on a visit to Bunia met with the MONUC Head of Office for the region. The discussions focused on the humanitarian situation and strategy for Ituri. The need for a rapid response capacity relating to humanitarian assistance as well as the reconstruction and strengthening of the social fabric in Ituri were emphasized. These efforts call for more involvement from donors and international organizations.

22 Oct 2004 description

Patrice Bogna/MONUC

Return of ex-Congolese refugees in and around Uvira

During a visit to the IDP camp in central Uvira on 19 October, MONUC noted that nearly 200 returnees from Burundi are still in the camp. Local sources suggest that armed soldiers forcibly occupy the homes of about 27 returnees originally from Uvira. About 60 others are awaiting transportation arrangements to return to Minembwe and 93 others to Bibokoboko, around Bukavu.