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25 Mar 2011 description

Three years after the 2007-08 food crisis, the prices of basic food items are again rising rapidly, fueling new concerns about the food security of poor people. The international prices of maize and wheat have almost doubled between June 2010 and mid-March 2011, and the global prices of dairy products have also risen (Figure 1). High food inflation is affecting many developing countries, including those home to large numbers of poor people.

11 Jun 2009 description

Mr. Olivier De Schutter, Special Rapporteur on the right to food

Large-scale land acquisitions and leases: a set of core principles and measures to address human rights challenge

Large-scale acquisitions and leases are one of the key new trends that emerged out of the 2008 global food crisis. Some major food importing capital exporting countries have indeed lost confidence in global markets as a stable and reliable source of food for their national food security. The Special Rapporteur analyses how these investments could have impacts on the right to food.

08 Feb 2008 description

Thousands are fleeing their homes in Chad following intense fighting in the capital. Thousands continue to flee their homes in Kenya, where political and tribal lines are being drawn. These homeless children, women, and men turn to ADRA for hope, care, and support. And I turn to you, one of our faithful, compassionate supporters who enables us to be in the midst of the desperate situations unfolding in Africa.

Please help these families caught in crisis today by supporting ADRA's Refugee and Displaced Persons Fund.

12 Apr 2006 description

Weekly Introduction:
Intertropical Convergence Zone Analysis (ITCZ) Re-Initiated:

On April 1 we re-initiated the program to depict the dekadal position of the ITCZ along with a comparison with its normal position at the following site: http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/fews/ITCZ/itcz.html. The ten-day average ITCZ position is plotted and compared with the estimated rainfall for that period and the first plot for the season will cover April 1-10.

Armyworm Update: