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05 Sep 2018 description

This is a summary of what was said by UNHCR spokesperson Charlie Yaxley – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at today's press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, is extremely concerned at recent xenophobic violence in South Africa. Those targeted have included refugees and asylum-seekers.

31 Jul 2018 description

This study was commissioned to improve the understanding of the uptake of ecosystem-based adaptation (EbA) in South Africa, the processes through which EbA has been lead and governed, and how EbA has been integrated into national policy, strategy and implementation. This study also aims to improve the understanding of how EbA can be further expanded and mainstreamed in the country.

20 Jul 2018 description

Efforts to get international climate finance into the hands of local people for adaptation efforts are getting a boost in South Africa

By Laurie Goering

CAPE TOWN, July 20 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In the parched, mountainous hills of Leliefontein, in South Africa's northwest Namakwa district, farmers have long made a living raising oxen and goats.

"That's our passion. It's the only thing we know," says Katrina Schwartz, one of a long line of farmers in the remote Northern Cape region.

16 Jul 2018 description

This story is a press release issued by the WWA partnership on Friday, along with a technical summary of the attribution study.)

Man-made climate change and its effect on rainfall made the drought in South Africa’s Western Cape province over the past few years about three times more likely, according to a new study by an international group of climate scientists.

29 Jun 2018 description


  • Maize production in 2018 forecast to decline, but to remain higher than average

  • Supply situation expected to be favourable in 2018/19, partly reflecting well above-average opening stocks

  • Maize prices strengthened in recent months due to weaker currency and higher international quotations

Maize production in 2018 forecast to decline, but remain above average

04 Jun 2018 description

Johannesburg, 4 June 2018 - Carl and Fartune walked into the room and Molline lit up. She was thrilled to have both JRS community health workers back in her apartment. “I prefer they stay with me the whole time,” Molline said.

31 May 2018 description

MSF applauds effort to ‘take off patent blindfold’ and change patent laws to increase access to affordable medicines

22 May 2018 description
report The Conversation

The Conversation Melissa McHale, Associate Professor, Colorado State University
David Bunn, Senior Research Scientist, Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory, Colorado State University
Eddie Riddell, Research Associate, University of KwaZulu-Natal

12 May 2018 description

Ten years after an outbreak of horrific xenophobic violence claimed 60 lives in South Africa, refugees and migrants are still facing daily discrimination and living in constant fear of physical attacks, Amnesty International said today.

On 11 May 2008 a Mozambican national, Ernesto Alfabeto Nhamuaye, was beaten, stabbed and set alight in a brutal killing which set off a chain of violent attacks against migrants and refugees in South Africa.

11 May 2018 description
report UNAIDS

UNAIDS Executive Director, Michel Sidibé, completed a five-day visit to three countries in southern Africa. The mission included high-level political discussions, the launch of the Lesotho HIV Health and Situation Room and frank and an open dialogue with women activists about how to address sexual harassment and abuse.

Beginning in Lesotho, Mr Sidibé attended the launch of the HIV Health and Situation Room with the Deputy Prime Minister, Monyane Moleleki. Special guest Naomi Campbell was invited by UNAIDS to join the two-day country visit to learn more about the HIV response.

10 May 2018 description
report UNAIDS

GENEVA, 10 May 2018 — During my recent visit to South Africa, I listened carefully to you, I heard you. The HIV epidemic is inextricably linked to sexual and gender-based violence and the two can never be separated. We need the passion of advocates to move issues forward.

Let us come together and address sexual harassment and gender inequality. A transformative agenda to address sexual harassment and gender inequality is urgent. Let us work together towards it, let us spend our time and energy on this important agenda.

27 Apr 2018 description

April 24, 2018
Story by Rachel Bergen, Photos by Matthew Sawatzky

DURBAN, South Africa – South Africa is home to thousands of refugees and many more asylum seekers and economic migrants seeking better futures, but it has remarkably few social service agencies.

MCC helped start one of the first holistic organizations dedicated to improving the lives of refugees who settled there.

16 Apr 2018 description

Ten water tanks and clean water for drinking and other domestic use are being distributed to nine primary schools and one group home for children in the Western Cape Province. This province is located in the southernmost region of the country and includes the city of Cape Town. Water tanks have been sourced and companies have been identified to supply water to fill the tanks.

26 Mar 2018 description

Heavy rain has been affecting Gauteng Province (north-eastern South Africa) over the past few days, causing floods and damages. According to media, as of 26 March at 7.30 UTC, five people were injured in Gauteng. In addition, media reported some evacuations, road interruptions and 13 bridges damages in Johannesburg area.

23 Mar 2018 description

Tuberculosis (TB) remains the leading cause of death in South Africa, and yet it is curable. Why have we not overcome this fatal disease?

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) profiles five key strategies on which government and donors should focus their finances and efforts in order to end the deadly TB epidemic.

22 Mar 2018 description

Cape Town is in crisis. Prolonged drought, increased demand for water, and a lack of coordinated planning have combined to create a doomsday scenario in which the city is running out of water. The result has been a scramble for a quick fix for an issue that has been years in the making.

21 Mar 2018 description
report Inter Press Service

By Mxolisi Ncube

This article is part of a series of stories and op-eds launched by IPS on the occasion of World Water Day on March 22.

JOHANNESBURG, Mar 20 2018 (IPS) - April 12 is expected to be the infamous “Day Zero” in South Africa’s second largest city of Cape Town, a tourist hub which attracts millions of visitors every year.

13 Mar 2018 description

By Rachel Bergen

PIETERMARITZBURG, South Africa - Pastor Samson Matabaro waves at people he passes walking down the streets of Pietermaritzburg and seems to know everyone's name and history. As he makes his way through Little Addis and Little Harare, named for the number of Ethiopians and Zimbabweans populating the areas, he offers a bit of welcome in a country that isn't always hospitable to foreigners seeking asylum.