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16 Jan 2019 description

The Organization of American States (OAS) today received a contribution of one million euros from the Netherlands to finance the electoral observation missions that the hemispheric body will deploy this year.

15 Jan 2019 description

La Organización de los Estados Americanos (OEA) recibió hoy una contribución de un millón de euros para financiar las misiones de observación electoral que el organismo hemisférico desplegará este año.

15 Jan 2019 description
report IRIN

By Federico Borello Executive Director of the Center for Civilians in Conflict, or CIVIC.

2018 was a disastrous year for civilians caught in conflict.

In most conflict zones around the world, the majority of those killed were civilians. Those who survived suffered myriad physical, emotional, and economic hardships.

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12 Jan 2019 description

Stronger, coherent and gender responsive policies needed to reintegrate those returning from violent extremism

There is an even wider chasm between on-the-ground realities and global policies, where the fate of women and children is concerned. Programming must help them earn livelihoods, which can prevent them from being pressured into joining or rejoining extremist groups.

11 Jan 2019 description
report UN Security Council

10 JANVIER 2019

S’il y a eu plusieurs évolutions positives en Afrique de l’Ouest et au Sahel au cours des six derniers mois, notamment sur le plan électoral, on a observé une montée de l’insécurité et une certaine instabilité politique dans plusieurs pays de la région, a constaté, ce matin au Conseil de sécurité, le Représentant spécial du Secrétaire général et Chef du Bureau des Nations Unies pour l’Afrique de l’Ouest et le Sahel (UNOWAS).

10 Jan 2019 description
report UN Security Council


Ensuring full respect for human rights will be key for the success of several elections due to take place in 2019 in West Africa and the Sahel amidst a highly challenging security environment, the head of the United Nations Office for West Africa and the Sahel (UNOWAS) told the Security Council today.

08 Jan 2019 description

U.S. foreign policy experts assess the likelihood and impact of thirty potential crises or conflicts around the world in the coming year in CFR’s annual survey.

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05 Jan 2019 description

Few things are more important to a peacekeeping mission than its ability to maintain a strong understanding of its operating environment and the threats that civilians face. Having a clear and comprehensive picture of threats enables peacekeeping missions to achieve their mandated goals, including the protection of civilians. It is therefore imperative that mission leaders use threat analysis in their strategic and operational planning systems and for personnel to take decisive and proactive action based on early warning information.

02 Jan 2019 description
report UN Security Council

José Singer (Dominican Republic) said at a Headquarters press conference today that his country’s January presidency of the Security Council will be guided by the United Nations principles of peace, social justice and the rule of law, as it assumes its two-year non-permanent membership.

02 Jan 2019 description

The 2019 Early Warning Forecast, a publication of Lutheran World Relief and IMA World Health

31 Dec 2018 description


The following statement was issued today by the Spokesman for UN Secretary-General António Guterres:

Dear fellow citizens of the world, I wish you a happy, peaceful and prosperous New Year.

Last New Year, I issued a red alert, and the dangers I mentioned still persist. These are anxious times for many, and our world is undergoing a stress test. Climate change is running faster than we are. Geopolitical divisions are deepening, making conflicts more difficult to resolve. And record numbers of people are moving in search of safety and protection.

31 Dec 2018 description
report UN News Service

Dans ses vœux pour la nouvelle année 2019, le Secrétaire général de l’ONU, António Guterres, a souhaité aux citoyennes et citoyens du monde, « une nouvelle année heureuse, paisible et prospère » et les a appelés à défendre la dignité humaine et à bâtir ensemble un avenir meilleur.

« L’année dernière, à cette période, j’avais émis un signal d’alerte rouge. Les dangers que j’avais mentionnés persistent toujours », a-t-il rappelé dans son message.

28 Dec 2018 description
report UN General Assembly



Multilateralism Only Viable Response, Assembly President Says, as Secretary-General Hails Peace Efforts in Horn of Africa, Korean Peninsula

Amid the backdrop of rising unilateralism and large-scale migration, world leaders attending the General Assembly united under the theme of making the United Nations relevant to all people, stressing that only through a multilateral rules-based order can the international community meet emerging challenges.

28 Dec 2018 description

We asked aid agencies to name their three priorities for 2019

by Emma Batha

LONDON, Dec 28 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Aid agencies are bracing for a challenging new year as they tackle protracted conflicts from Yemen to Central African Republic and get to grips with escalating crises such as the mass exodus of Venezuelans fleeing turmoil at home.

27 Dec 2018 description


The Dominican Republic takes on the presidency of the Security Council in January. As its signature event it has chosen to hold an open debate on the impact of climate-related disasters on international peace and security, which will be chaired by President Danilo Medina of the Dominican Republic.

25 Dec 2018 description
report UN News Service

Chaque année au mois de septembre, l'Assemblée générale des Nations Unies fait la une des journaux lorsque les dirigeants du monde entier se réunissent au siège des Nations Unies pour définir le programme de l'année à venir. Mais pour traduire les décisions en actes, les États membres mènent des discussions plus approfondies dans les six « grandes commissions » spécialisées de l’Assemblée générale.

22 Dec 2018 description


Côte d’Ivoire will have the presidency in December. It is planning two high-level meetings. The first is a briefing, chaired by Ivorian President Alassane Ouattara, which will focus on the importance of economic recovery for successful postconflict transitions. The second is a ministeriallevel open debate on cooperation between the UN and regional and sub-regional organisations in the prevention and resolution of conflicts.

A meeting on drug trafficking in west and central Africa is also planned.

Other African issues include:

21 Dec 2018 description
report European Union

The Council extended the mandate of the EUNAVFOR MED Operation Sophia until 31 March 2019.