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05 Aug 2016 description
report The Guardian

Gamers help find hard-to-reach communities as Médecins Sans Frontières uses data from MapSwipe app to produce detailed local maps.

Gamers can now help aid workers locate communities affected by natural disasters, disease outbreaks or conflict using a mobile app developed by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

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26 Jul 2016 description
report The Guardian

With smartphone use and web penetration soaring, Africa is set for a tech revolution – but only if its infrastructure can support it

Mark Rice-Oxley in Kigali and Zoe Flood in Nairobi

Monday 25 July 2016 06.20 EDT Last modified on Monday 25 July 2016 17.00 EDT

You can buy sunlight with your phone, conduct an eye test on someone 100 miles away and attend a church service on your iPad. There are apps for investing in cows, for sending parcels and for mapping unrest. And soon you’ll be able to deliver blood and medicines by drone.

09 Jan 2015 description
report The Guardian

Guardian sustainable business: the role of business in development

They still aren’t delivering Amazon packages. But in Haiti, Bhutan, Papua New Guinea and the Philippines, drones have helped rescue natural disaster victims – and transport medical samples and supplies

Tim Smedley

Friday 9 January 2015 10.50 EST

The prospect of drones delivering parcels to your doorstep is still some way off. But the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for humanitarian work in developing countries is already happening.

11 Aug 2014 description
report The Guardian

With more than 50 million people in refugee camps or fleeing conflict, the World Food Programme is using mobiles to provide critical food assistance

Beth Hoffman

30 Dec 2013 description
report The Guardian

Imagine a flood strikes, filling your house with water and washing you away from your children; or waking up alone in hospital after an earthquake has hit your home; or getting separated from your loved ones after the panic caused by an airstrike. Electricity is affected, the phone lines are down. How do you raise the alarm?

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08 Oct 2013 description
report The Guardian

During a crisis the large amounts of data produced can be overwhelming to analyse. Microtasking could help solve that problem by harnessing the power of the crowd

Read the full post by Ariel Gilbert-Knight in the Guardian's Global Development Professionals Network.

29 Jul 2013 description
report The Guardian

From forging unique partnerships to accessible technologies, our expert panelists offer tips for global healthcare service delivery.

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03 Apr 2013 description
report The Guardian

The lack of information during crises disengages local communities from the aid response. Are humanitarian organisations listening?

In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, from earthquakes to armed conflicts, survival depends on knowing the answers to questions such as: Is it safe to go back home? Should I stay where I am or go for help? Where are my family and friends? How and where can I go for help? Where is the nearest health facility?

07 Feb 2013 description
report The Guardian

Three projects based on radio, mobile technology and social networking give an insight into what works best for farmers.

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30 Jan 2013 description
report The Guardian

Mobile and mapping technologies can play a key role in controlling NTDs, but more effort is required to put them into the hands of frontline workers.

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24 Jan 2013 description
report The Guardian

Data collection and monitoring and evaluation through mobile apps is fast taking over traditional methods of collecting and using information – and the results are impressive

Data collection and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) are a vital part of development work, as the results determine where public services are most needed, and what approaches prove effective.

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16 Jan 2013 description
report The Guardian

Two reviews have found little evidence that mobile phone technology is having a great impact on managing disease.

Mobile phone technology is frequently heralded as a solution to many health challenges facing the developing world, but two systematic reviews have found that evidence to back such claims is still largely non-existent.

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13 Jun 2012 description
report The Guardian

A cable linking west Africa to Europe will not only make it less frustrating to use the internet but could help achieve millennium development goals on education, health and the environment

Edward Shepherd

guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 13 June 2012 02.00 EDT

07 Oct 2011 description
report The Guardian

Adolescent girls and women are fundamental to unlocking the full potential of agricultural development and feeding the world, according to Chicago thinktank

Mark Tran

In a dusty field in Kitui, eastern Kenya, farmers are being taught how to construct small, semi-circular barriers of earth that control the flow of water, slowing its run-off.