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20 Sep 2018 description
report The Global Fund

• Tuberculosis is now the leading cause of death from infectious disease, with 1.3 million deaths per year, not including HIV co-infections.

• Globally, the rate of decline in TB incidence has been slow, at 2 percent per year from 2000 to 2016, mainly due to low case notification. An estimated 4.1 million people with TB have been missed every year and contribute to ongoing transmission. To achieve the milestones set in the End TB Strategy, we must accelerate the rate of reduction to 4-5 percent each year by 2020.

18 Sep 2018 description
report The Global Fund

We are making extraordinary progress in the fight against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria, but far too many people are still dying from these diseases, which are fully preventable. To end these epidemics, we need increased investment, accelerated innovation and a relentless focus on impact.

18 Sep 2018 description

The Libyan economy builds on a long history of labour migration to the country. In the 1950s and 1960s, the discovery of oil fields in Libya led to large numbers of migrant workers from across the Middle East, North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa to come to the country and work in emerging economic hubs across Libya.

Between 1970 and 1982, the proportion of foreign workers in the total active labour force increased from 11% to 50%. Migrants came with various skill levels, working in oil fields, but equally in the construction and agricultural sectors.

14 Sep 2018 description

"We are on a trajectory to reach over 3 degrees C of warming, and if this trend continues there would be serious consequences for health in many parts of the world"

By Sophie Hares

TEPIC, Mexico, Sept 13 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Failure to meet global targets to limit rising temperatures will mean more heat-releated deaths, researchers said on Thursday.

14 Sep 2018 description

If the entire desert were covered in wind farms and one fifth in solar panels, daily average rainfall would more than double

By Nellie Peyton

DAKAR, Sept 13 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Large-scale wind and solar farms could more than double rainfall in the Sahara desert, "shocked" scientists said as the region grapples with widespread hunger caused by recurrent drought.

In a simulated model, windmills and solar panels were installed across the world's largest desert - an unrealistic scenario in the near future, experts said.

12 Sep 2018 description


We’ve recently begun looking into what role, if any, transparency could play in the push for more or better gender equality. Although we’re still in the early stages, along the way we’ve made some pretty interesting discoveries and wanted to share what we have learned so far.

The data is needed

12 Sep 2018 description
report The Global Fund

Le partenariat du Fonds mondial a sauvé 27 millions de vies

PARIS – Le partenariat du Fonds mondial a sauvé 27 millions de vies selon un rapport publié aujourd’hui qui fait état de formidables avancées dans le combat mené à l’échelle mondiale contre le VIH, la tuberculose et le paludisme. Parallèlement à ces progrès, le rapport met également en évidence les nouvelles menaces qui pèsent sur les efforts déployés pour en finir avec ces épidémies.

Voici les grands résultats obtenus en 2017 dans les pays où le Fonds mondial investit :

12 Sep 2018 description
report The Global Fund

Global Fund Partnership has Saved 27 Million Lives

PARIS – The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria released a report today demonstrating that 27 million lives have been saved by the Global Fund partnership. The report shows tremendous progress that has been achieved by efforts to end the epidemics, while highlighting new threats.

The Results Report 2018 includes key annual results achieved in countries where the Global Fund invests:

17.5 million people received antiretroviral therapy for HIV.

10 Sep 2018 description

by Lin Taylor | @linnytayls | Thomson Reuters Foundation

For every one degree Celsius rise in average temperatures, insects will consume an extra 2.5 percent of the world's crops

By Lin Taylor

LONDON, Aug 30 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A warming planet will see larger swarms of hungrier insects chomp through millions more tons of rice, maize and wheat crops globally by 2050, even if countries meet ambitious climate goals to curb carbon emissions, scientists said on Thursday.

07 Sep 2018 description
report Salesian Missions

(MissionNewswire) Salesian missionaries with the Salesians of Social Welfare, also known as the SCS/CNOS Federation, are impacting youth and their families with the “I care about you” project in Italy. The project reaches out to homeless youth who gravitate to the central train stations of the Italian metropolitan areas. Many of these homeless youth are migrants who come to Italy searching for a better future.

07 Sep 2018 description

"Funding has always been an issue but we have never seen it as challenged as it is now," says UN deputy chief Amina Mohammed

By Manipadma Jena

STOCKHOLM, Sept 6 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Funding for international efforts to build resilience to climate change and meet other development goals is faltering, warns United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Amina J. Mohammed.

"It is a tough world right now out there. Everyone is backsliding," she said in an interview.

01 Sep 2018 description

by Nita Bhalla | @nitabhalla | Thomson Reuters Foundation
Thursday, 30 August 2018 22:30 GMT

The figure is much higher than previously estimated, with civilian infant deaths outnumbering armed conflict deaths by more than three to one

NAIROBI, Aug 30 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Five million children in Africa have died from preventable diseases over the last 20 years because armed conflict deprived them of access to basic healthcare or clean water, scientists said on Thursday.

30 Aug 2018 description

By Kathryne Bomberger

All over the world today, families of the missing will speak out about the agony of not knowing the fate of a loved one. The idea for the International Day of the Disappeared originated in Latin America nearly four decades ago among families of victims of enforced disappearance. The annual commemoration has shone a light on a phenomenon that is often misunderstood – and whose impact is equally often underestimated.

29 Aug 2018 description

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) has issued a Tsunami Threat for the following coasts, stating:


23 Aug 2018 description

by Thin Lei Win

"We believe that if the technology is good and farmers can see the benefits, they will adopt it."

KIGALI, Aug 21 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - From an app to diagnose disease on Zambian farms to Tinder-style matchmaking for Senegalese land owners and young farmers, young coders have been finding solutions to hunger in the first Africa-wide hackathon on the issue.

21 Aug 2018 description
report Start Network


The monthly risk briefing provides information on global weather, volcanic, human and health events where members may consider using the Start Fund’s Crisis Anticipation Window. It reports on new, emerging or deteriorating situations; therefore, ongoing events that are considered to be unchanged are not featured and risks that are beyond the scope and scale of the Start Fund are also not featured.

19 Aug 2018 description

Nearly 140 aid workers were killed last year worldwide, a 23 percent rise over 2016

By Nellie Peyton

DAKAR, Aug 19 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Working in conflict zones for years does not make it any less frightening when armed militiamen storm the hospital you run, says Colette Gadenne of medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF).

This happened three times in three weeks from May to June in Central African Republic, where Gadenne is head of the mission. In one case, the fighters fired 21 rounds before leaving.

19 Aug 2018 description
report Crown Agents

On World Humanitarian Day, the not-for-profit development company launches a pioneering, virtual reality tool to demonstrate the complexities of disaster response, offering an opportunity to experience crisis-control and decision making first hand.

16 Aug 2018 description

by Javier Manzanares | Green Climate Fund

* Any views expressed in this article are those of the author and not of Thomson Reuters Foundation.

A strong, effective fund is needed more than ever to serve the Paris Agreement

15 Aug 2018 description

by Sonia Elks | Thomson Reuters Foundation

Authorities arrested 24 people on suspicion of human trafficking and held another 61 for other offences

LONDON, Aug 14 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Children trapped in modern slavery are being failed, campaigners said on Tuesday after European authorities found dozens of suspected trafficking victims in a region-wide crackdown, one aged just two.