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28 Jun 2016 description

New report on BRICS investments in African agriculture

A major new report released by the Pan-African organization ACORD finds that Africa’s small holder farmers are not benefiting enough from the increasing Chinese, Brazilian and Indian investment in African agriculture. The technology being promoted in Africa – such as irrigation equipment and tractors - tends to be more suited to Chinese, Brazilian and Indian agribusiness interests than to Africa’s smallholder farmers.

27 Feb 2015 description

5 issues worth underscoring based on the discussions we’ve been having over the past two days:

12 May 2014 description


This report highlights the importance of African countries holding food reserves for promoting food security and price stability. It analyses the food reserves policies of three countries in East Africa – Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda – showing how these can, indeed must, be improved to address hunger.

18 Mar 2014 description

The Agency for Cooperation and Research in Development (ACORD), has released a landmark publication that details the voices of African women and girls in the post Millennium Development Goals discussion.

11 Mar 2013 description

ACORD's first CSW57 event on 6 March "Challenging and Preventing Hidden War Crimes" with film screening and panel debate was a smashing success. The event attracted a record attendance of 110 participants (20 men and 90 women) and there were lively discussions.

Government and all stakeholders must act now!

11 Dec 2012 description
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Table of Contents

Message from the Chair of the Board and the Executive Director 2

I. Livelihood and Food Sovereignty 4

Practical solutions enhancing food sovereignty 4

Case Studies:

Southern Africa: Sharing knowledge and skills across borders 5

World Social Forum: Saying No to Land Grabbing 6

Community Associations Changing Lives in Ethiopia 6

II. Women’s rights and social justice 7

The right to land and justice for women in Africa 8

Case Studies:

04 May 2012 description

Overview of the Toolkit

In Africa, the hoe is an extension to the hand of the famer. It is the tool that farmers use to plough, weed and even harvest. In different parts of Africa, farmers consider their hoes for their livelihood and survival. Survival for most African farmers is considered quite dismal to speak the truth.

01 May 2005 description

This book describes the ACORD research project "Gender-sensitive programme design and planning in conflict-affected situations" which was conducted in 2000 and 2001. It has been compiled from original contributions from the research team.