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20 Sep 2018 description

57 leaders of faith and religious organisations, groups and communities, call for national governments and their leaders to ensure that internally displaced people get the help they need

12 Feb 2018 description

Ahead of the First Formal Consultations for the Global Compact on Refugees, 14 international NGOs and InterAction signed a statement in which they reflect on the Zero Draft of the Global Compact on Refugees, including their recommendations to ensure that the Compact leads to a better response to the large movement of refugees, greater equity across States, and support refugees to live in safety and dignity.

07 Oct 2016 description
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Almost nine years ago, a UN climate summit was held in Bali. It was acknowledged that climate change is a global challenge, and that we only can ensure a transition to a green and sustainable development, if all countries commit to take action. It was decided to develop a global climate change agreement, to promote this global cooperation.

by Mattias Söderberg

03 Sep 2015 description

Weapons used in five countries—a rate unseen since global ban entered into force

The Cluster Munition Monitor 2015, released in Geneva on September 3, finds that cluster munitions have been used in five countries since July 1, 2014. This is most use recorded since the Oslo Treaty[1] banning the use, stockpiling, production and transfer of cluster munitions worldwide came into force in 2010.

25 Aug 2014 description
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People from all over the world go to Skive in Denmark every summer to participate in one of the world’s best explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) courses conducted by DanChurchAid

A military four wheeled drive vehicle stops on a narrow dirt track.

Three men of very different appearance jump out of the vehicle. They are Ahmed Noamann from Lebanon, Servias Tasanangurwa from Zimbabwe and Jack Campbell from Australia.

Ahmed goes over to a person in a black jacket and green pants who is standing and waiting on the road.

19 Aug 2014 description
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41 year old James Roland Carew, medical coordinator in DanChurchAid's mine action in Mali, is profiled as a humanitarian hero on UN's World Humanitarian Day on August 19th.

James became an aid worker to make a difference and save lives. This is what he does in Mali through his mine action work with DanChurchAid.

He trains UN staff in incident management and life-saving techniques, and provides medical advice, training and programme support.

Remnants of war limits recovery

28 Apr 2014 description
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With great hopes for the future the new chairman of the board, Paul Mollerup, addressed the annual general assembly in Nyborg, Central Denmark.

“Impressive 1,300 donations for the work are what DanChurchAid receives every day. And this is what has made DCA and our supporters able to contribute to reach four of the MDG. This has given hope for some of the World’s most vulnerable people,” the new chairman of DanChurchAid Paul Mollerup said in his keynote speech at the annual general assembly 2014.

21 May 2012 description
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In a time where Western governments struggle to keep their national budgets above the red lines, increased allocations for climate finance are not popular.

There is a global agreement to increase annual climate finance up to the USD100 billion by 2020. Acknowledging this target, governments have started to look for alternative sources, and there is an increasing hope that private finance is the answer.

No silver bullet

03 Jul 2009 description
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DanChurchAid is releasing its new policy on Armed Violence Prevention and Reduction. DCA is thereby taking an important step towards strengthening its focus on Human Security.

DCA has long worked with vulnerable populations to help them achieve their rights to food, shelter, economic opportunity and good governance amongst others.

01 Jun 2009 description
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The policy outlines measures by which DCA can help to prevent or limit armed conflict through targeting the international supply of small arms and light weapons (SALW) to troubled areas and addressing other "softer" triggers.

07 May 2009 description
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Rising food prices are putting the lives and livelihoods of millions at risk:

- 852 million people are now hungry

- Around 24,000 die daily of hunger-related causes

Around 2.7 billion people live on less than =A31 a day. And have to spend up to 80 per cent of this income on food. The rising cost of basic foods (by as much as 300 per cent in some places) is pushing millions of families to the limit.

01 Apr 2009 description
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The year 2008 will be remembered by the world's poorest countries as the year when the food crisis really hit with increased food prices resulting in hunger. The World Bank estimates that the number of people living in utmost poverty and hunger increased by more than one hundred million, which means that right now one billion people are starving. This has serious consequences. Every day 24,000 persons die from hunger. Every fifth second a child dies from hunger. The number of malnourished and undernourished persons has increased to two billion.

02 Jun 2008 description
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In light of the global climate changes one of the biggest challenges the world has to face in this century is to create food security for all human beings.

These are the words in a status from UN's Food and Agriculture organization, FAO after a big NGO-conference in Rome, in which 30 humanitarian aid organizations participated among others DanChurchAid.

Focus of the conference was how the humanitarian organisations and the international donor society will develop strategies for food security on short as well as on long term which will meet the new challenges such as increasing …

01 Apr 2008 description
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Every year DanChurchAid reviews its work worldwide. The review highlights key operations and development activities, and includes the year's financial statements of where the money went; where the money came from; and what the money was spent on.

In 2007 drought, rain and floods consecutively affected large areas in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia,
whereas a forceful hurricane struck Central America. DanChurchAid and its partners quickly and effectively responded with emergency and relief aid in many of the countries which were affected by minor and major disasters.

01 Apr 2007 description
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Every year DanChurchAid reviews its work worldwide.

The review highlights key operations and development activities, and includes the year's financial statements of where the money went; where the money came from; and what the money was spent on.

01 Apr 2006 description
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DanChurchAid's annual report 2005-2006 reflects the relief aid and development assistance provided by DanChurchAid as well as its political work.

01 Feb 2006 description
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A well functioning corporate sector is a precondition for sound economic development in developing countries as well as in rich countries like Denmark. At the same time investments may lead to negative consequences for the poor. During the last years, arguments about the positive contribution by corporations and investments have been part of all international discussions about funding of development in developing countries. Simultaneously there is also an active debate about Corporate Social Responsibility and how production is made to give positive effects in the society.

01 Dec 2004 description
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This annual report reflects the relief aid and development assistance provided by DanChurchAid as well as its political work.

DanChurchAid has defined five objectives for its political work:

1. To bring to light the plight of the aids-affected people, so that the world institutions increase their pledges in order to stop the aids disaster in Africa.
2. To bring into focus the caste discrimination in India, so that the old oppressive system is not automatically carried on.