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20 Feb 2018 description

Russian Minister for Emergency Situations has hosted today a working meeting with David Beasley, Executive Director of the UN World Food Programme (WFP).

During the talks, the officials discussed pressing issues of international humanitarian assistance and closer cooperation for global food security.

Messrs. Puchkov and Beasley noted that cooperation between the Emergency Ministry and WFP has stable positive dynamics and plays a key part in fighting hunger and humanitarian crises all over the world.

19 Aug 2014 description

The UN decision to officially celebrate the World Humanitarian Day was directed to raise awareness about humanitarian activity worldwide and to demonstrate importance of international cooperation in the field.

The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations constantly conducts humanitarian operations abroad pursuant to decisions made by the Russian President and Government. The Emergencies Ministry coordinates its activity with the Russian Foreign Ministry and organizes cooperation with the concerned federal executive authorities.

31 May 2012 description

The third meeting of the Working Group took place in the building of “Akademia tennisa” with participation of foreign specialists in the area of emergency management from 43 countries.

The forum discussed questions about the development of cooperation between members of the Emergency Preparedness Working Group and their interaction with other Working Groups and non-APEC economies.

16 Jun 2010 description

The representatives of eight countries are participating in the meeting: Russia, Canada, the USA, Dane, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland.

The Deputy Head EMERCOM of Russia Alexandr Chupriyan opened the meeting of the Working Group. He said that he was certain about the importance of the EPPR work and in the working meetings in particular, which allow exchanging information and make decisions about such important issues as providing safety for the people and territories of the whole arctic area. The Deputy Head of the Komi Republic I.A. Pozdeev and the Major of Vorkuta city V.L.