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12 May 2016 description

National and international civil society organisations working to advance transparency and accountability in supply chains welcome this 10th Joint Forum on Responsible Mineral Supply Chains.[1] The Forum represents a commitment by governments and companies to engage in more responsible sourcing and trading in line with applicable laws and standards, such as the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs).

23 Sep 2014 description

The European Union is failing to stifle a deadly trade in conflict minerals, a coalition of rights groups including Global Witness and Amnesty International warned today, ahead of weak draft legislation being discussed in the European Parliament.

A new analysis by Global Witness shows that companies are bringing billions of euros worth of minerals into Europe without having to disclose if their purchases finance armed groups or human rights violations in countries ravaged by conflict.

16 Apr 2014 description
report Global Witness
Press release


This report looks at known killings of people defending environmental and land rights. It identifies a clear rise in such deaths from 2002 and 2013 as competition for natural resources intensifies. In the most comprehensive global analysis of the problem on record, we have found that at least 908 people have died in this time. Disputes over industrial logging, mining and land rights are the key drivers, and Latin America and Asia-Pacific particularly hard hit.

25 Sep 2013 description
report Global Witness

Una coalición de 59 organizaciones no gubernamentales (ONG) apela a la Comisión Europea para que apruebe una ley estricta que tenga como objetivo evitar que las empresas europeas exacerben los conflictos y la violación de los derechos humanos al adquirir recursos naturales como estaño, oro o diamantes. Este llamamiento tiene lugar en vísperas de la publicación de un proyecto de ley de la Comisión a finales de 2013.

25 Sep 2013 description
report Global Witness

New EU law could help stop natural resource trade fuelling conflict

A coalition of 59 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) is calling on the European Commission to pass a strong law to prevent European businesses fuelling conflict and human rights abuses through their purchases of natural resources, such as tin, gold and diamonds. The call comes ahead of draft legislation due to be published by the Commission by the end of 2013.

25 Sep 2013 description
report Global Witness

Une nouvelle législation de l’UE pourrait contribuer à mettre un terme au commerce des ressources naturelles qui alimente les conflits

Une coalition de 59 organisations non gouvernementales (ONG) appelle la Commission européenne à adopter une législation stricte visant à empêcher les entreprises européennes d’alimenter les conflits et les violations des droits humains en achetant des ressources naturelles telles que l’étain, l’or et les diamants. L’appel est lancé en amont d’un projet de législation qui doit être publié par la Commission d’ici à la fin 2013.

10 May 2013 description
report Global Witness

9th May 2013 Campaign group Global Witness has backed a call by prominent figures including Kofi Annan, Bob Geldof and Graca Machel for Africa’s natural resource wealth to be used for the benefit of its people. This year’s report from the Africa Progress Panel, Equity in Extractives, [1] calls for:

The G8 and the G20 to establish common rules requiring full public disclosure of the beneficial ownership of companies, with no exceptions.

Companies bidding for natural resource concessions to disclose the names of the people who own and control them.