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10 Sep 2014 description


As world leaders meet in New York later this month at a summit convened by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to discuss the global fight against climate change, a new report highlights the crucial role a new set of Sustainable Development Goals must play in meeting the challenge.
It says the goals, to be agreed next year, offer a vital opportunity for the international community to tackle the way that climate change is driving people into poverty.

21 Mar 2011 description
report Greenpeace

Climate change will profoundly affect agriculture worldwide. Food security in many countries is under threat from unpredictable changes in rainfall and more frequent extreme weather. Farmers in poorer countries with harsh climate conditions will likely be most affected.

15 Nov 2009 description
report Greenpeace

Copenhagen, International - Greenpeace today slammed the so-called "deal" made at the APEC leaders meeting this morning, to essentially relegate the Copenhagen UN Climate Summit outcome to nothing but a political agreement: postponing decisions on the legally binding agreement the world needs into an unclear future date.

"Danish Prime Minister Rasmussen has become complicit in a US so-called 'deal' which would put Obama's political difficulties ahead of the survival of the world's most vulnerable countries," said Kaisa Kosonen, Climate Policy Advisor …

01 Nov 2009 description
report Greenpeace

Two formidable challenges seem to overarch agriculture and food production in this century: how to end hunger and how to keep global warming at a level that will allow humanity and the agroecosystems we depend upon to adapt in a noncatastrophic way. Two outstanding paradoxes mark these challenges: Modern agriculture is producing too much and still a billion people on this planet suffer from hunger, while many more are not nourished properly.

31 Jul 2008 description
report Greenpeace

Millions of people around the world are suffering food shortages, unaffordable food prices and hunger, primarily due to industrial farming, bad harvests related to climate change, unjust terms of trade and the rush for biofuels.

There is no single solution to the crisis. The G8 leaders at the Toyako, Japan summit from 7-9 July, need to step up emergency assistance to the 850 million people who are suffering from hunger, and address the underlying causes of the current food crisis by: