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14 Nov 2018 description

Christian Friis Bach, Secretary General of DRC is pleased: “The Global Compact on Refugees is a proof of reason. Over the past two years, UN member states, UN agencies, civil society organizations, experts and private sector actors have developed a better, up-to-date approach to handle refugee situations in future. While the GCR is not perfect, it is a leap forward and a major achievement.

09 Nov 2018 description

Many refugees and migrants experience abuses

13 Sep 2018 description


Entre avril et août 2018, le Mécanisme de suivi des migrations mixtes (4Mi) a mené 506 entretiens avec des réfugiés et migrants en transit dans les villes de Dori (149), Bobo Dioulasso (149) et Kantchari (61) au Burkina Faso. Cette mise à jour vise à présenter les principales données recueillies par le 4Mi sur les profils, aspirations, modalités de déplacement des personnes voyageant au sein de flux migratoires mixtes au Burkina Faso, ainsi que sur les incidents de protection vécus ou observés par les répondants sur les routes migratoires.

13 Sep 2018 description
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19 NGOs decry conditions at the site, now worse than ever, and call for sustainable solutions to both decongest the islands and improve conditions across first receptions centres in North Aegean Sea.

05 Sep 2018 description
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Part 1: Background and Concepts
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Part 2: How-to Guide & Tools

The Basic Needs Assessment (BNA) is a multi-sector needs assessment approach that can be applied in both sudden onset and protracted emergencies, but that – in the present edition – has been piloted only in two protracted crises, namely in Borno State (North-East Nigeria) and in Fafan zone (Somali region of Ethiopia). The approach took inspiration from ECHO’s Basic Needs Framework for Integrated Response.

13 Aug 2018 description
infographic Danish Refugee Council

Family demography of refugees and migrants in Libya

2,496 refugees and migrants were interviewed by 4Mi in Libya between 16 May 2017 and 4 July 2018. Respondents are from 20 nationalities from East, Central Africa and West Africa, with the largest number of respondents being from West Africa (73%).

Marital status and family reunification

01 Aug 2018 description

Background and Executive Summary

43 diaspora organisations supported by the DEMAC initiative showed their intention to be full participants in enhanced humanitarian response by creating and signing up to 17 joint diaspora commitments as part of the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) in May 2016.

11 Jul 2018 description
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Athens, 11 July 2018 - We, the undersigned organizations active in human rights and humanitarian aid, urge the Regional Governor of the North Aegean Region to re-examine her decision to suspend the operations of Lesvos Solidarity in the area of PIPKA on the island of Lesvos.

20 Jun 2018 description

Today is World Refugee Day. A day to remind world leaders that they should fight the root causes of displacement – instead of fighting to keep refugees and asylum seekers out of their countries. That is the message from the Danish Refugee Council's, Secretary General, Christian Friis Bach on June 20.

Message from Christian Friis Bach:

19 Jun 2018 description
infographic Danish Refugee Council
  • 3,583,433 is the total number of Syrians under Temporary Protection System in Turkey as of May 2018. Of which 214,849 Syrians are in camps. Compared to last months figures, the number of Syrians in camps has decreased by 10,708

  • For the first time during 2018, the number of Syrians under Temporary Protection has decreased by which broke the pattern of gradual monthly increasement.

  • The cumulative number of the irregular migrants in Turkey has reached to 105,034 persons since the beginning of 2018. 18,734 is the monthly increase of May.

15 Jun 2018 description

The Danish Refugee Council initiated its activities in Greece in November 2015 due to the unprecedented influx of displaced populations in need of international protection initially in Lesvos. Following new political developments and displacement dynamics in early 2016, DRC expanded its activities to the mainland to respond to the needs of people living in several sites across Greece. DRC works closely with the refugee communities, the Greek authorities and other humanitarian actors to ensure a protective environment for the refugees in Greece.


17 May 2018 description
infographic Danish Refugee Council
  • 3,588,877 is the total number of Syrians under Temporary Protection System in Turkey as of April 2018. Of which 219,813 Syrians are in camps. Compared to last month figures, the number of Syrians in camps has decreased by 5,744 (%2.5)

  • 162,091 is increase of the number of Syrians under »» Temporary Protection since the beginning of 2018 till April.

  • 9 bodies were reported to be found on the Mediterranean to be found on the Mediterranean Sea, north Cyprus coast . The bodies are believed to be for Syrians.

14 May 2018 description

On Thursday 17 May, EU Heads of State are meeting their counterparts from the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Kosovo) to discuss cooperation in several areas, including migration and security. Following increased arrivals of refugees and migrants to both the Western Balkans and the EU, the issue of border control has gained prominence, resulting in more investments and cooperation agreements between the EU and Western Balkan countries.

11 May 2018 description

Quick Facts

“Everything in life is about luck. Some people suffered heavily during this journey. Some didn’t suffer much, while others didn’t suffer at all. Everything in life is a matter of destiny. Something that works for one person may not work for another, so it’s all about luck.” 39-year-old man from Nigeria interviewed in Libya

09 May 2018 description

The new Hungarian parliament which will first assemble on 8 May is set to vote on draconian and regressive legislation which could arbitrarily restrict fundamental rights and freedoms of civil society. The proposed laws would further undermine and stigmatise organisations working to defend the human rights of migrants and refugees.

03 May 2018 description

Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat (RMMS) summary for March 2018 covering mixed migration events, trends and data for Djibouti, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Somalia / Somaliland and Yemen.

Country Profiles


19 Apr 2018 description

Since January 2015, more than 1 million people fleeing war, persecution and poverty entered or passed through Greece in search of safety and a better life, and more than 1,200 were reported dead or missing. During the latter part of 2015 and early 2016, selective and arbitrary admission policies were put in place by various European countries that eventually closed their borders to all migrants. On 20 March 2016, the EU-Turkey Deal came into effect whereby all migrants arriving irregularly on to the Greek islands would be returned to Turkey.