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26 Sep 2018 description

Earlier this month, the Trump administration made a devastating announcement that it would only resettle 30,000 refugees next fiscal year – the lowest level in U.S. history. This number comes as we find ourselves in the midst of the worst refugee crisis in history, with more than 25 million refugees worldwide, over half of which are children.

01 May 2018 description

Church World Service (CWS) worked with communities in Tana River, Baringo and West Pokot counties in Kenya to implement Cash for Work (CfW) projects in response to the 2017 drought emergency. This guide documents best practices and lessons learnt to guide and provide field facilitators as well as other interested actors in the development and humanitarian aid sector, with ideas for designing appropriate strategies and actions for CfW programming. Suggested tools for use during the implementation of a CfW programme have been provided as annexes.

21 Mar 2018 description

Access to safe, clean drinking water and sanitation is a basic human right. Globally, wide ranging successes and reforms has been achieved in making this a reality, including the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals. Goal 6 seeks to ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

14 Nov 2017 description

This misguided development shuts our doors to children fleeing violence, gang conscription, human trafficking, and sexual exploitation in the region

CAM termination is yet another illustration of the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant agenda that people of good faith must resist together

18 Oct 2017 description

When most people think about climate change, they think about extreme weather patterns, global warming and rising sea levels. Many people are aware that there are also numerous ways in which climate change negatively effects people’s health, including the resurgence of many vector and water borne diseases, malnutrition and respiratory diseases. But there is another subset of climate related health effects which, while perhaps less well-known, is also extremely prevalent and destructive: the impacts of climate change on mental health.

02 Feb 2017 description

Emergency Appeal: US Refugee Resettlement

Appeal code: 628-E
Appeal amount: $1 million


On Friday January 27, U.S. President Trump signed an Executive Order suspending the admission of all refugees to the U.S. for 120 days; suspending resettlement of all Syrian refugees indefinitely; reducing the overall number of refugees to be admitted to the U.S. in FY 2017 from 110,000 to 50,000; and placing a 30-day ban on issuing visas to nationals of seven Muslim-majority countries: Syria, Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen and Libya.

12 Jan 2017 description

Executive Summary

More than 60 percent of refugees worldwide are now estimated to live in urban areas, and increasingly humanitarian agencies are expanding their focus to become engaged with refugees and displaced persons living in cities and towns. Policy and operational shifts are underway, with emphasis on expanding access to protection, self-reliance and essential services among refugees who live in urban and non-camp locations.

29 Jul 2016 description

The UN Summit for Refugees and Migrants, this 19th September, has been called to tackle one of the greatest global challenges of our age: to protect and assist millions of people on the move in search of safety and dignity.

More than 20 million men, women and children have been forced across international borders by conflict, violence and persecution.

22 May 2016 description

In response to the largest refugee crisis since the end of World War II, leaders from over 50 national faith and community organizations announced their support for a new national welcoming campaign, Refugees Welcome.

08 Oct 2015 description

Appeal Code: 76-6640
Appeal amount: $200,000
Funding Received to date: $71,000

This is an update to our September 11 appeal.


Hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants are continuing to make their way towards and into the European Union. As winter approaches, the need for food, water, shelter and other services in the countries through which they are passing will increase.

17 Sep 2015 description

Appeal Code: 76-6640
TOTAL initial appeal goal: $200,000


As hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants make their way towards and into the European Union, the influx of new arrivals has led to an increased demand for food, water, shelter and other services in the countries through which they are passing.

17 Sep 2015 description


The International Organization for Migration estimates that 350,000 refugees and migrants from the Middle East and Africa have crossed into the European Union between January and August of 2015, a significant increase over previous years. The largest group are those fleeing civil war in Syria, followed by smaller populations from Afghanistan, Eritrea, Nigeria and Kosovo.

30 May 2013 description

WASHINGTON, DC -- The nearly $1.5 billion that the government provides each year for food aid helps stave off malnutrition, starvation, and even death for millions of people around the world who live in food insecure communities. But if new Congressional legislation-- with a Senate amendment expected to come up for a vote next week-- is approved, even more of this funding could be used for actually feeding people rather than on the high costs of purchasing and shipping food from the U.S., said global relief and development agency CWS.

20 Jun 2012 description

New York, N.Y. – Wednesday, June 20, 2012 -- In the afterglow of the energy that characterized last week’s two-day international “Child Survival Call to Action” summit in Washington, D.C., the head of global humanitarian agency Church World Service has welcomed the advances shared and commitments made by some 57 countries to end preventable child deaths in our lifetime, but he is voicing a cautionary note.

04 Jan 2012 description

NEW YORK – The number of children in poverty who are hungry could reach unparalleled levels in 2012 given the state of the global economy, Church World Service says in its annual New Year's assessment.

04 Jan 2011 description

Hungry people can't afford to wait for world bodies to solve the problems'

NEW YORK -- If 2010 was the year of large-scale disasters -- including the devastating Haiti earthquake and wide-spread floods in Pakistan -- 2011 is likely to be the year when issues of hunger become increasingly significant on the global stage, international humanitarian agency Church World Service says in a New Year's assessment.

The relief and development agency also says that 2011 will need to be the year of ground level action, with governments, local communities, and humanitarian players …

24 Sep 2009 description

NEW YORK CITY--In addition to degrading the environment, climate change also is contributing to declining food security and increasing poverty, particularly for women and children.

That was the message from Church World Service Education and Advocacy Director Rajyashri Waghray to experts from the United Nations, NGOs, the faith community and academia, meeting in New York City to examine climate change-caused challenges to sustainable food production and to consider options for policy.

The Sept.

12 Jun 2009 description


Some 3,200 vulnerable people in the Tuzla region of Bosnia-Herzegovina are benefiting from a Church World Service-supported wheat-growing project.

The 1992-1995 war in Bosnia damaged the infrastructure of the country, and many people lost everything. CWS partner Merhamet operates five soup kitchens to help sustain those still struggling to survive.

The soup kitchens serve women, children, ethnic Roma, elderly, displaced, unemployed and disabled people.

Several of the participants are employed in the wheat-growing project.

29 May 2008 description

BANGKOK, May 29, 2008 - The CWS Pakistan-Afghanistan office reports the successful completion of a workshop in program development and proposal writing.