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13 Aug 2018 description

This study provides the first comprehensive economic assessment of the lethal potential of climate change with a method that accounts for both the benefits and costs of adaptation. The researchers’ ultimate goal is to estimate the mortality consequences of climate change, both deaths caused by extreme heat and the costs society will pay to keep people out of harm’s way, in terms of dollars per ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted.

07 Aug 2018 description

Cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes are among the leading causes of death worldwide. A new UCLA study has found that Bangladesh, Haiti, Malawi, Nepal and Tanzania each has fewer than five health facilities that can provide the full suite of supplies and equipment, trained staff and medication that are needed to properly diagnose and treat all three diseases.

14 Feb 2018 description

by Amy Quinton

The poorest people in the world are among the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, including droughts, floods and wildfires. This is especially true for poor farmers in drought-prone regions who rely on crops or livestock to feed their families.

31 May 2013 description
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Comparative Report
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Case study: Haiti
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Case study: Colombia
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Case study: Thailand
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Case study: Kenya


Human Rights Center recommends to UN ways to improve protections in refugee camps

Contact: Andrea Lampros, Human Rights Center communications manager 510.847.4469 or 510.643.7215, alampros@berkeley.edu

25 Apr 2012 description

By Kristen Bole on April 24, 2012