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08 May 2018 description

GNC 2017 Achievements, Key Challenges and Ways Forward

25 Oct 2017 description

By Carmel Dolan, Jeremy Shoham & Marie McGrath on 20 October 2017

27 Jun 2017 description

I. Introduction to the MAM Decision Tool

A. Background and rationale for the decision tool:

22 Jan 2017 description
  1. Rationale

The purpose of this review is to inform UNICEF Head Quarters (HQ), Regional Office (RO), Country Offices (CO), and the Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC) and Cluster partners on how the transition of cluster coordination structures into national coordination platforms can be strengthened. The report is written with UNICEF as the principal audience and therefore concentrates on UNICEF specific issues, processes and mechanisms.

30 Dec 2016 description

Resumen de Resultados

La nutrición es un tema complejo que puede ser analizado a través de perspectivas diferentes como geografía nacional, regional y global. Para facilitar un mayor entendimiento sobre la capacidad y vulnerabilidad nutricional de la población en América Latina y el Caribe (ALC), UNICEF LACRO ha creado la matriz GRIN-ALC.

29 Jul 2016 description
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GRIN - Grupo de Resiliencia Integrada de Nutrición

El Grupo de Resiliencia Integrada de Nutrición (GRIN) - LAC tiene como objetivo apoyar a las asociaciones entre los sectores, las partes interesadas y los gobiernos, en el intercambio de información, la sistematización de las mejores prácticas y lecciones aprendidas a nivel regional y nacional para fortalecer la Reducción del Riesgo de Desastres (RRD) y la capacidad de recuperación nutricional en América Latina y el Caribe.

12 Jul 2016 description
report Nutrition Cluster

Introduction and General Comments

This guidance has been developed by the Global Nutrition Cluster to support country nutrition clusters and nutrition cluster partners in preparing the Humanitarian Response Plans (HRPs). It provides tips for nutrition clusters to facilitate the planning of a collective response and the development of Nutrition in Emergencies (NiE) interventions by individual cluster partners. The HRP tips can also be used by other clusters to help guide of the inclusion of nutrition sensitive interventions in their respective sectoral plans.

12 Apr 2016 description



The Nutrition Cluster was established in 2006 as part of the Humanitarian Reform process. It is a partnership that aims to safeguard and improve the nutritional status of emergency affected populations by ensuring an appropriate Nutrition in Emergency (NiE) response at country level that is predictable, timely, effective, and at scale.

09 Feb 2016 description
report Nutrition Cluster


With operational responses to all major humanitarian crises worldwide, Nutrition Cluster partners have distinct access to information about the impact and the response to crises that can –and should- be used to inform and influence major stakeholders at national, regional and international level to ensure nutrition impact in emergencies, identifying gaps and bottlenecks and proposing solutions to problems that programs alone cannot solve.

15 Dec 2015 description
report Nutrition Cluster

The first version of the Information Management (IM) toolkit for the Nutrition Clusters is now launched. The Nutrition Cluster IM Toolkit was developed by the Global Nutrition Cluster through the partnership with ACF-UK in consultation with GNC Rapid Response Team, Country Cluster IMOs and the GNC Cluster Coordination Team. Currently the IM Toolkit consists of 20 tools (plus five additional tools that are being finalized).

19 Nov 2015 description


The Global Nutrion Cluster (GNC) was established in 2006 as part of the Humanitarian Reform process, which aimed to improve the effectiveness of humanitarian response programmes by ensuring greater predictability, accountability and partnership.

17 Nov 2015 description

The 2015 GNC Annual meeting was held in Nairobi, Kenya from 13 to 15 of October 2015. The objectives of the 2015 GNC Annual meeting were:

13 Jun 2015 description

The evaluation of the support provided by the GNC to national platform primarily looked at the functioning of the rapid response team (RRT), which is the part of the overall Global Nutrition Cluster (GNC) support to the national nutrition coordination platforms under the Pillar 3 of the GNC Strategic Plan.

14 Nov 2014 description

UNICEF-EU partnership helps to improve coordination of life-saving nutrition interventions in large-scale emergencies around the world

18 Jul 2014 description
report Nutrition Cluster

The Global Nutrition Cluster Coordination Team has been closely working with the UNICEF Global Cluster Coordination Unit to develop its own website (http://nutritioncluster.net) on a new platform shared with all UNICEF (co-) led Clusters and Areas of Responsibility (AoRs). This new platform offers more flexibility in terms of structure and visual identity and strengthens the exchange of information across clusters.

02 Apr 2013 description

The Harmonised Training Package: Resource Material for Training on Nutrition in Emergencies (the HTP) is a comprehensive documentation of the latest technical aspects of Nutrition in Emergencies (NiE). The word Harmonised reflects the pulling together of the latest technical policy and guidance, the word Training refers to its main application and the word Package refers to the bringing together of the subject matter into one place.