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30 Sep 2018 description
report Roll Back Malaria

Eight countries step up cross-border cooperation to rid region of world’s deadliest disease by 2030

Dakar, Senegal, 31 August 2018 – Today, health ministers from eight Sahel countries launched the Sahel Malaria Elimination Initiative to accelerate the region’s efforts to eliminate malaria — a disease that puts 90 million Sahelians at risk each year.

02 Jul 2018 description
report Roll Back Malaria

“The African continent accounts for over 90% of the global malaria burden. It is in this context that we have launched the “Zero Malaria Starts with Me” campaign, a continent-wide public-facing campaign for a malaria-free Africa. The campaign will reignite grassroots movements in which individuals, families, communities, religious leaders, private sector, political leaders, and other members of society pledge to take responsibility in the fight against malaria.”

16 Dec 2016 description
report Roll Back Malaria

The World Health Organization’s 2016 World Malaria Report launched on 13 December, highlighted the continued progress in the malaria fight, particularly for the most vulnerable. Since 2000, malaria deaths rates have fallen by more than 62 percent – and by 69 percent among children under 5 – saving 6.8 million lives. In the same period, 17 countries have successfully eliminated malaria entirely. The 2020 target of eliminating malaria in 10 more countries is within reach.

25 Apr 2016 description
report Roll Back Malaria


• The malaria fight is one of the most inspiring global health stories of our time.

• No child should have to die from a mosquito bite, yet malaria still kills a child every two minutes.

• The push to end malaria is saving millions of lives, increasing attendance at school, improving worker productivity and boosting local economies.

• Ending malaria will help build a healthier and more secure world.

• We can be the generation that ends malaria – one of the oldest and deadliest diseases in human history.

08 Jan 2016 description
report Roll Back Malaria

Since 1998, the Roll Back Malaria Partnership (RBM) – hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO) – has been central to the global fight against malaria. The past fifteen years have seen tremendous gains in reducing the burden of disease and progressing towards malaria elimination. According to the World Malaria Report 2015, released on 9 December 2015, more than half (57) of the 106 countries with malaria in 2000 had achieved reductions in new malaria cases of at least 75% by 2015. In that same time frame, 18 countries reduced their malaria cases by 50-75%.

02 Sep 2015 description
report Roll Back Malaria

En 1998, alors que le paludisme faisait un million de victimes chaque année et touchait des centaines de millions de personnes à travers le monde, le Partenariat Roll Back Malaria (RBM) a été était fondé dans le but de réduire de moitié la charge de morbidité, objectif qui sera atteint d’ici 2015. La lutte contre le paludisme est depuis devenue l'une des plus grandes réussites dans le domaine de la santé mondiale et du développement : plus de six millions de décès dus au paludisme ont été évités depuis 2000, dont 97 % auraient coûté la vie à des enfants de moins de cinq ans.

02 Sep 2015 description
report Roll Back Malaria

As the world adopts a new set of global development goals, the malaria community is also transforming itself to attain its vision of a world without malaria.

12 Jul 2015 description
report Roll Back Malaria

Un cadre stratégique pour l’investissement et l’action permettra de faire progresser le développement et de vaincre cette maladie meurtrière.

10 Jul 2015 description
report Roll Back Malaria

(10 July 2015; United Nations, Geneva) On Monday 13 July, world leaders at the 3rd International Financing for Development (FfD) meeting in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, will discuss the new World Health Assembly endorsed Global Technical Strategy for Malaria 2016-2030 and the Roll Back Malaria Partnership’s Action and Investment to defeat Malaria 2016-2030 (AIM) - for a malaria-free world.

26 Jun 2015 description
report Roll Back Malaria

June 20th - Celebrated globally, World Refugee Day reminds us of the critical situation of refugees around the world . On this day in 2015 more than 50 million ordinary people who had fled from their homes, were living in extraordinarily dire conditions.

23 Apr 2015 description
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Leaders Gather in Jeddah for World Malaria Day; Call for Increased Investment to Save Lives & Advance Development Efforts

21 Apr 2015 description
report Roll Back Malaria

In Advance of World Malaria Day, the Roll Back Malaria Partnership Urges Increased Investment for Global Malaria Elimination

08 Dec 2014 description
report Roll Back Malaria

RBM Partners Launch Report Highlighting Progress toward Malaria Elimination in the Asia-Pacific

8 December 2014: - A new report highlighting the approach, goals and achievements of the Asia-Pacific Malaria Elimination Network (APMEN) was launched the past week during the 27th Board Meeting of the Roll Back Malaria (RBM) Partnership in Bangkok, Thailand.

10 Jul 2014 description
report Roll Back Malaria

Les partenaires Roll Back Malaria (RBM) publient un nouveau rapport et appellent les acteurs de la santé et du développement renouveler leurs engagements

New York, USA, le 10 juillet 2014: - Un nouveau rapport soulignant l’impact des interventions antipaludiques sur la santé maternelle et de l’enfant a été lancé aujourd’hui en marge des rencontres de haut niveau du Conseil économique et social des Nations Unies (ECOSOC) à New York.

10 Jul 2014 description

Roll Back Malaria (RBM) partners launch new report and call for renewed commitment from health & development community

New York, USA, 10 July 2014: - A new report highlighting the impact of malaria interventions on maternal, newborn and child health was launched today alongside the annual High-Level Segment of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in New York.

07 Jul 2014 description
report Roll Back Malaria

Victoria Falls, ZIMBABWE, 6 July 2014: - Ministers of Health from Malaria-Endemic Countries have adopted the Victoria Falls Declaration in which they commit to eliminate and expand malaria control to hard-to-reach migrant and mobile communities.

05 Jul 2014 description

IOM and RBM collaborate to improve access to key malaria interventions

Victoria Falls, ZIMBABWE, 5 July 2014: - Roll Back Malaria Partnership (RBM), together with the International Organization for Migration (IOM), has invited Ministers of Health from Southern Africa, Asia and other malaria-endemic regions, as well as the private sector to discuss the impact of migration on malaria control and elimination and address jointly the challenge of providing adequate health services to crossborder, mobile and migrant communities.

25 Apr 2014 description
report Roll Back Malaria

25 April 2014, Geneva; According to the last World Malaria Report the World Health Organization published in December 2013, at least 627,000 people have died of malaria infections in 2012, 90% of which occurred in Africa alone. Every minute a child dies from Malaria in Africa. Malaria continues to account for more than 30% of public healthcare spending in the most affected endemic countries. Malaria remains a health risk for more than half of the world population in 2014.