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29 May 2018 description

Rationale and methods to share information, speak out, and challenge impunity in cases of violence against humanitarian action

ATHA is pleased to share a new professional _Toolkit for Responding to Attacks against Humanitarian Action on the Policy Level._ The purpose of the Toolkit is to offer guidance to humanitarian actors for responding to violence against humanitarian action, in order to promote a more protective environment for the provision of humanitarian aid to civilians.

28 Mar 2018 description

Being accountable to people affected by armed conflicts

ICRC & the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI) launch a joint discussion paper that provides recommendations for humanitarian organisations and donors in today's digital era.

22 Mar 2018 description
report Harvard University

The HHI 2017 Annual Report provides a look into the research and educational activities of the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative.

01 Feb 2018 description
report Harvard University

This report provides baseline results from the formative phase of the three-year external evaluation, conducted by a team at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative (HHI), of the DEPP.


05 Dec 2017 description
report Harvard University

Increasing collaboration between the ‘mosquito people’ and the ‘drug people’

December 5, 2017—Malaria is a complicated disease to tackle from a public health perspective. Its complexity stems in part from the two organisms that conspire to transmit the disease: the single-celled Plasmodium parasite and the mosquitoes that ferry them to their hosts. Thankfully, there are tools that can help control this two-pronged threat — insecticides for the mosquitoes and drugs for the parasites — but they too have vulnerabilities, and can be overcome.

02 Nov 2017 description
report Harvard University

November 1, 2017—Although the recent outbreaks of Zika in Brazil and Ebola in West Africa have subsided, it would be a mistake for public health practitioners to lower their defenses, according to a panel of experts convened at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. There is still much more work to be done, they said. Survivors struggle with the health and social consequences of their illnesses—and the next outbreak of these or other viruses may be right around the corner.

27 Oct 2017 description
report Harvard University

October 25, 2017 – Climate change may lead to an increase in malaria in certain spots around the world. But in other places, it may have little or no impact on the mosquito-borne disease, according to an expert panel convened at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

26 Jun 2017 description

New York, June 26, 2017 – International Medical Corps, Concern Worldwide, and Harvard Humanitarian Initiative – partners in the Building A Better Response consortium – are proud to announce the release of an innovative online course. The e-learning opportunity focuses on humanitarian coordination during emergencies characterized by complex combinations of natural disasters and human conflict. Funding is provided through the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Office of U.S.

24 Jan 2017 description
report Harvard University

The perfectly designed app from Silicon Valley or a mobile health technology developed at a “hackathon” is unlikely to prevent or slow the next pandemic, according to Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health infectious disease epidemiologist Caroline Buckee.

11 Jan 2017 description
report Harvard University

Harvard Researchers Codify Rights to Information During Disasters: “Signal Code” Finds Five Human Rights Apply to Humanitarian Data Use

22 Nov 2016 description
report Harvard University


Nathaniel A. Raymond

Ziad Al Achkar


Nov 2016

Signal Program Standards and Ethics Series - Issue 1

25 Oct 2016 description
report Harvard University

For immediate release: October 24, 2016

29 Jun 2016 description

Canadian Government-funded Harvard study also estimates poor child growth results in children losing out on 69 million years of educational attainment per birth year Investing in better childhood growth would yield threefold return

Toronto, ON, Boston, MA - Early life growth faltering in low- and middle-income countries results in a US $176.8 billion reduction in potential career earnings for children born each year, according to new Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health research funded by Grand Challenges Canada.

26 Feb 2016 description
report Harvard University

Paramilitary troops had been living in the classrooms of Tankuppa High School for three years when my colleagues at Human Rights Watch visited the town in India’s eastern state of Bihar in 2009. The soldiers had moved into the school after a group of Maoist rebels attacked and destroyed the police station where the troops were based. On any given day, from 25 to 40 armed men were deployed at the school. They had added brick sentry boxes on the school roof and other fortifications, including sandbags, around the main gate.

22 Feb 2016 description
report Harvard University

Ziad Al Achkar, Isaac L. Baker, Nathaniel A. Raymond
Published: Feb 2016

At present, accepted methodologies for wind disaster damage assessments rely almost exclusively on responders having ground access to the affected area to document damage to housing structures. This approach can prove both time consuming and inefficient, and does not support the use of drones and satellites.