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01 Apr 2009 description

The paper starts by offering a typology of armed actors in the disarmament debate - including both states and non-state armed groups - followed by a discussion of what the available research indicates about the dynamics of weapons transfers to armed groups. Based on this, the authors then propose ways to regulate states' end-use through different command and control mechanisms, and conclude by exploring emerging ways to engage non-state armed groups in regulating their own weapons end-use which are compatible with improved state regulations.

01 Jun 2006 description

The relationship between pursuing human rights and resolving conflict is by and large complementary, as one generally advances the other. This paper explores the areas of complementarity among both agendas, as well as some of the ways in which they clash. Notwithstanding these clashes, it argues, such tensions can generally be resolved with political skill and deft institutional design.

01 May 2004 description

This paper provides an overview of the linkages between small arms and light weapons and armed groups and identifies some of the key challenges non-state actors present for small arms control. The following aspects are discussed:

- Importance of armed groups in the context of the small arms and light weapons agenda.
- Means used by armed groups to obtain weapons and ammunition.
- Efforts to curb the supply of arms to non-state actors.
- Suggestions for possible new policy initiatives.

01 Jan 2004 description

This paper focuses on the duty of armed groups to respect the protection of the civilian population and discusses the various instruments for engaging them. It argues that the use of many of these tools has lacked strong political support from UN Member States. Finally, The document provides some recommendation concerning areas where progress may be possible.