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12 Apr 2018 description

Integrating climate change adaptation into long-term planning is key to securing social and economic development, as the impacts of climate change are already affecting development outcomes.

13 Mar 2018 description

This guide was developed for technical advisors to government officials, business people, investors, and others who need to draw on ecosystem assessments to inform decision-making. It assesses several types of ecosystem service modeling tool, discusses issues involved in modeling ecosystem services, and provides guidance on how to choose the right model to address a specific policy question.

28 Aug 2017 description

Droughts in Somalia. Water rationing in Rome. Flooding in Jakarta. It doesn't take a hydrologist to realize that there is a growing global water crisis. Each August, water experts, industry innovators, and researchers gather in Stockholm for World Water Week to tackle the planet's most pressing water issues.

05 Jan 2017 description
interactive World Resources Institute
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The CAIT Paris Contributions Map enables you to explore, compare, and assess the transparency of mitigation information provided by Parties (countries) in their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs). INDCs are national climate action plans/goals for the post-2020 time period that countries submit to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in preparation for a new international climate agreement. This global agreement is to be created by the conclusion of the Conference of Parties 21 meeting in Paris in December 2015.

10 Dec 2015 description

The UN Development Programme (UNDP) and World Resources Institute (WRI) launched a joint report today during the Paris climate change conference (COP21), highlighting why enhancing resilience in the private sector, led by small business, is vital to building resilient communities.

Micro and Small Enterprises (MSEs) in developing countries provide around 60 percent of all employment, supporting the livelihoods of billions globally. This segment of the economy is therefore critical to adapting to future climate impacts.

26 Aug 2015 description

Ranking the World’s Most Water-Stressed Countries in 2040

by Andrew Maddocks, Robert Samuel Young and Paul Reig - August 26, 2015

The world’s demand for water is likely to surge in the next few decades. Rapidly growing populations will drive increased consumption by people, farms and companies. More people will move to cities, further straining supplies. An emerging middle class could clamor for more water-intensive food production and electricity generation.

06 Mar 2015 description

Tianyi Luo, Andrew Maddocks, Charles Iceland, Philip Ward and Hessel Winsemius - March

This blog was co-written with Hessel Winsemius and Philip Ward. Hessel is a researcher at Deltares. Philip is a senior researcher at the Institute for Environmental Studies of the VU University Amsterdam.

Last September, Hamberton Nongtdu woke to a loudspeaker at a nearby mosque blaring a warning: Floods were coming.

22 Oct 2013 description

COPENHAGEN//WASHINGTON — The World Resources Institute (WRI) today announced the first step in designing a global standard for measuring food loss and waste. The forthcoming guidance, called the “Food Loss and Waste Protocol,” will enable countries and companies to measure and monitor the food loss and waste that occur within their boundaries and value chains in a credible, practical, and consistent manner.

05 Jun 2013 description

Cutting Food Loss and Waste will Benefit People and the Environment, Says New Study on World Environment Day

From Australia to Afghanistan, New Research Spotlights Low-Cost Actions for Delivering Major Benefits for Development, Environment and Livelihoods

25 Oct 2011 description

Current efforts to mitigate climate change fall short of reaching vital goal, UN warns

25 October 2011 – International efforts to mitigate climate change are insufficient to meet the goal of keeping global warming to below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, a United Nations report warned, just a month before a major conference on the issue is held in Durban, South Africa.

31 Aug 2005 description

World Resources Institute. 2006. EarthTrends: The Environmental Information Portal. Available at http://earthtrends.wri.org. Washington DC: World Resources Institute.